DDoS Threat Intelligence Report


Visibility has become an even more important defensive tool for leveling the playing field. Enzo Ferrari said it best: “What’s behind you doesn’t matter.” That is, learn from the past, but look to the future. Lean into visibility to peer around those tight corners to see what’s ahead and know where the adversary is headed. Traditionally, the costs of DDoS attacks have been in the attacker’s favor. However, when we detect their early actions, such as scanning or trying to use new attack methods, we stop them immediately. By limiting their resources and pushing them to use only one method, we reduce their opportunities to exploit vulnerabilities. By imposing artificial scarcity of resources and forcing attackers into unidimensional methodologies, we help to reduce adversary options for exploitation. This is possible only with our visibility.

Learn from what we see in the NETSCOUT Visibility Without Borders® platform and leverage Arbor Adaptive DDoS protection technology to take control of your future and join NETSCOUT as Guardians of the Connected World.