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What goes up must come down, or so the saying goes. Unfortunately, though, this old colloquialism doesn’t always apply to DDoS attack frequency. While NETSCOUT observed a slight dip in DDoS attacks during the second half of 2021 — largely attributable to the end of the pandemic – adversaries were right back at their old tricks as 2022 began.

But adversaries weren’t content to just launch basic attacks. Instead, they increasingly turned to DDoS-capable botnets to launch TCP-based, direct-path attacks. Moreover, this attack strategy often was tied to worldwide sociopolitical issues — war, politics, religion, sports, and even entertainment events — which can clearly be seen in regional and country analysis.

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Attack Count


A decrease of 2% over 2H 2021

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0 Gbps

An increase of 57% over 2H 2021

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0 Mpps

A decrease of 37% over 2H 2021

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