Roll-up your sleeves and join your peers in virtual boot camps led by NETSCOUT University instructors. Attack real-world problems utilizing NETSCOUT solutions. Learn how to identify root-cause and troubleshoot quickly. Reduce MTTR and overcome blind spots. Learn proactive approaches and leave with actionable insights you can deploy immediately into your organization. Earn a virtual conference certification and gain essential new skills that will add immediate value to your company and help maximize the investment in NETSCOUT solutions. All boot camps require sign-up. Log-in to your registration and add boot camps to your summit agenda. Agenda launches the week of April 6th.

Communications Service Providers
Arbor DDoS
  • nGeniusONE Boot Camp
  • Introduction to nGeniusPULSE for the Enterprise
  • TCP Analysis & Service Triage with nGeniusONE
  • Introduction to the nGenius 5000 Packet Flow Switch
  • Introduction to nGenius PFS Fabric Manager
  • Introduction to Unified Communications Management with nGeniusONE
  • Threat Detection: CyberStream & NETSCOUT Threat Analytics
  • Getting Started with nGenius Business Analytics
  • Essentials of nGeniusONE
  • Data Enablement with REST APIs
  • Essentials of True Call for 4G and 5G
  • Advanced TrueCall
  • Moving to nGenius Session Analyzer and Getting Started
  • Service Triage with nGeniusONE for CSPs
  • Arbor Edge Defense (AED) Deployment Boot Camp
  • Optimizing Your Arbor Edge Defense (AED) Deployment
  • DDOS Attack Mitigation Strategies for Arbor Edge Defense (AED)
  • Arbor Edge Defense (AED) Advanced Tactics for DDOS MitigationAED War Games
  • Sightline/Threat Mitigation System (TMS) Deployment Boot CampAnalyzing Sightline DDOS Alerts
  • DDOS Attack Mitigation Strategies for Sightline/TMS
  • Attack Orchestration Using Sightline Sentinel
  • Advanced Tactics for DDOS Mitigation Using Sightline & Threat Mitigation System (TMS)

Here’s How to Qualify for Certification:

Complete SIX credit hours of virtual boot camp training. Each boot camp is either 2 or 4 hours in length.
Complete and submit the associated online exam for each Hands-on Boot Camp you attend.
Upon completion, a NETSCOUT University Virtual Engage20 Certification will be emailed to you following the event.

Registration Closed Friday April 24.


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