Adapt to Survive

To succeed, we all must adapt to our changing environments. Attackers are no different. DDoS attacks are intended to materially impact the performance and availability of their target - or at least that's the goal. As in the wild, as defences evolve, attackers adapt. Structurally, using different attack vectors. Behaviourally, with more reconnaissance and feedback monitoring. And, physiologically, with a change in the infrastructure being used to generate attack traffic.

As Guardians of the Connected World, we must all evolve our defences to protect ourselves from DDoS attacks - leveraging more intelligence, more automation and more proactive risk identification. Learn about NETSCOUT's Adaptive DDoS Defences to ensure your defences adapt to overcome the ever-changing attack environment.

During this session, we will discuss:

  • The latest, comprehensive view of the DDoS threat landscape
    • The latest research from ASERT; how attackers are adapting their attacks, globally and locally.
    • The methodologies attackers are adopting, which attack vectors are currently being used, and the infrastructure being exploited, and utilised, to generate attack traffic.
  • NETSCOUT’s new Adaptive DDoS Strategy
    • Designed to use intelligence driven automation, see how to more quickly and easily detect, classify and mitigate attacks.
    • Learn how Adaptive DDoS provides network operators of all sizes the means to better adapt to the changes in the DDoS threat landscape, whilst accelerating attack response and reducing operational overhead.
  • Exclusive hands-on simulated network DDoS attack event
    Have you ever had to defend against a DDoS attack taking down your connectivity and availability? Do you think it won’t happen to you?
    • Learn how DDoS countermeasures work.
    • Participate in rounds of attack/defend - role-play sessions where you will get to be both the defender and the attacker.
    • Your takeaway: The knowledge of how attackers make their moves and how you can use many of the current best practices in DDoS defence today.

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