Why Attend | ENGAGE 18: Technology & User Summit | NETSCOUT
May 14 - May 17, 2018
Hyatt Regency, Dallas, TX

Why Attend

The world is growing ever more complex and connected. To stay relevant, we must be smarter than we’ve ever been before. At ENGAGE we will come together as Guardians to empower ourselves with knowledge that’s vital to our careers, to the security of organizations, and to the connected world as a whole.
Together, we will future smarter.

Most Popular Topics:

  • Cyber threat landscape and security solutions
  • Monitoring virtualized services in hybrid IT architectures
  • NFV, SDV and SD-WAN assurance
  • Smart infrastructure Performance monitoring
  • Fast and effective troubleshooting workflows

Who Should Attend:

  • All who help protect, secure and advance the connected world!
  • Customers and partners of NETSCOUT and Arbor in Enterprise and Carrier Service Provider markets
  • Operators, engineers, architects, analysts, managers, and directors in the areas of IT, Network or Security functions

Important stats from ENGAGE 17:

  • 600 attendees from 53 countries
  • Top Enterprise and Carrier job areas: Engineering, Operations, Architecture and Security
  • 50% of attendees come away with valuable certifications

For the Enterprise:

  • Effectively Manage your Public, Private, Hybrid Cloud, and Virtual Networks
  • Assure Successful Deployment and Management of Custom Applications.
  • WiFi – Your Most Effective Architecture, Performance Monitoring, and Security Methodologies
  • Learn How to Protect your Company from Cyber, DDoS, and Advance Threat Attacks
  • Understand Data Center Architecture & Design Principals to Build Your Best Network

Carrier Service Provider:

  • Assuring the Hybrid (Virtualized) Network and Cloud Business Services
  • Using Smart Data for Big Data Analytics
  • Assuring the successful out of New IoT Devices and Services
  • Best Practices for Assuring Next Gen Voice (VoWifi/VoLTE)
  • Getting Ready for 5G

For Security Professionals:

  • Hands-on practice responding to DDoS attacks
  • Understanding how hybrid environments can build multi-layered network defenses
  • Develop Incident Response (IR) skills with Arbor Spectrum
  • Insight into latest threats to your business and the availability of your application and networks
  • Immersive technical certifications for Arbor APS and Spectrum solutions

Justify Your Attendance

Download and Customize Your Request to Attend.

Your attendance and participation at NETSCOUT’s ENGAGE 18 technology summit will pay for itself and then some. And if you need help demonstrating the value with your manager, we have done some legwork for you with our customizable manager and justification letter.