Aligning Networking and Security Teams to Ensure Digital Transformation

Securely Transition to the Cloud with AWS In Three Intelligent, Repeatable Steps

Three Intelligent and Repeatable Steps!

Collaboration between network and security groups has always been important. One group is responsible for enabling communication, and the other is responsible for protecting that communication. Security has always been a part of building and operating networks.

The importance of this partnership has only increased as companies adopt new architectures that open potential security vulnerabilities, such as hybrid, internet-based networks, public cloud, the Internet of Things, and work-from-anywhere connectivity.

This recent EMA Research Report Summary explores the silos, drivers and benefits and challenges of NetSec Ops Collaboration and details how network data is the driver and enable of the collaboration. Learn why:

  • NetSecOps partnerships primarily lead to faster resolutions of security issues, reduced security risk, and improved operational efficiency.
  • The security team’s need to analyze network traffic data drives NetSecOps collaboration in 83% of organizations.
  • 97% of organizations are trying to consolidate network packet capture infrastructure that will be shared by networking and security.
Aligning Networking and Security Teams to Ensure Digital Transformation