What is Cyber Triple Extortion?

Cyber extortion is on the rise. Lured by easy and lucrative financial gain, cybercriminals have become more persistent and sophisticated. New strains of ransomware, ransomware-as-a-service, and affiliated business models have helped turn cyber extortion into a legitimate underground economy. In an attempt to turn up the pressure and odds of a successful payday, bad actors are executing triple extortion consisting of the following threats below.

theCube conversation with Richard Hummel and Roland Dobbins hosted by John Walls

NETSCOUT experts explain how cybercriminals are combining ransomware and DDoS attacks and how organizations can defend and mitigate the impact.

Encryption of Data

The most traditional method, using ransomware, cybercriminals will encrypt their victim's data and demand payment in return for the decryption key.

Public Exposure of Stolen Data

Before encrypting their victim's data, the cybercriminal has already successfully exfiltrated this data and threatens to expose it publicly unless paid.

DDoS Attack

Usually, after a demonstration DDoS attack, the cybercriminal will threaten to launch a larger, more complex DDoS attack in the future unless paid.

How to Block Ransomware from Your Network with Arbor Edge Defense

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