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NETSCOUT is constantly monitoring the DDoS threat landscape and analyzing adversaries’ behavior and targeting patterns to stay ahead of the game. This involves drilling down into regional and country-level statistics to identify near real-time trends. By doing so, we are able to provide our clients with the most up-to-date protection against DDoS attacks. Indonesia‚Äôs country-level analytics presented on this page include top vectors used in DDoS attacks, top targeted industries, and various benchmarks for the specified period of time, including the largest attack by bandwidth and throughput, most vectors used in an attack, and total attack frequency.

Max Multivector Attack

Max number of vectors seen in a single attack


Attack Vectors Used

1. CLDAP Amplification
2. COAP Amplification
3. DHCP Discovery Amplification
4. DNS
5. DNS Amplification
6. L2TP Amplification
7. NetBIOS Amplification
8. NTP Amplification
9. OpenVPN Amplification
10. rpcbind Amplification
11. SNMP Amplification
12. SSDP Amplification
13. Ubiquiti Amplification
14. UDP
15. VSE Amplification
16. WS-DD Amplification

Top Six Vertical Industries Under Attack

The following industry chart shows the most targeted sectors in 2H 2022 by number of attacks.

Rank Vertical Frequency Max Attack Max Impact Average Duration
cell phone icon Wireless Telecommunications Carriers (except Satellite)
899 25.63 Gbps 39.49 Mpps 50 Minutes
Wired Telecommunications Carriers
86 2.79 Gbps 0.34 Mpps 9 Minutes
Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portals
9 1.44 Gbps 0.33 Mpps 19 Minutes
Data Processing Hosting and Related Services
6 0.11 Gbps 0.25 Mpps 8 Minutes
Electronic Shopping and Mail-Order Houses
3 1.77 Gbps 0.16 Mpps 12 Minutes
All Other Telecommunications
1 8.68 Gbps 2.09 Mpps 9 Minutes