Active Monitoring
Finding and fixing problems before customers notice is one of the main objectives of any monitoring solution. Rather than waiting for symptoms to appear, Spectra2 Controlled Assurance solutions establish real transactions on your next generation IMS/EPC or VoLTE production network in order to verify that your customers are getting the best experience possible.

active monitoring

Dropped calls, one way audio, poor voice quality, and many other potential problems can be detected utilizing a Controlled Assurance solution.

Controlled Assurance transactions use SIP, VoLTE, or Diameter to mimic real-world use cases. Transactions can be scheduled to occur at any time interval and can target different destinations.  Throughout the session, customer experience metrics are measured and reported to your existing performance management system if they are outside pre-defined boundaries. This level of flexibility and control helps to ensure that you will be the first to know when network issues occur.

Voice Calls 
Initiate voice calls using SIP or VoLTE in order to assess signaling performance and media quality. Each end-to-end session can measure important metrics such as protocol response times, RTP packet loss, and audio quality using PESQ or POLQA.

Diameter Transactions
When AAA services slow down, all revenue generating services slow down. Controlled Assurance allows you to actively monitor your Diameter based functions, including HSS, PDF, OCF, PCRF and PCEF. By initiating real Diameter transactions on a pre-determined schedule, performance issues are raised quickly and the problematic server(s) can be identified without the need for time consuming analysis.

End-to-End or Specific Functions
Controlled Assurance transactions can cover an entire network, a specific device, or anything in between. When specific devices or functions are targeted, transactions can traverse individual resources all the way down to the blade, port, and DSP being used.

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Controlled Assurance Solutions

NETSCOUT’s Spectra2 Controlled Assurance solutions validate real transactions on your next generation VoIP or IMS production network.

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Diameter Network Testing

Subscriber services are the #1 cause of the skyrocketing signaling load in the operator diameter network.

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S-Blade Pro 1/10/40G Layer 1 Switching with Lab Equipment Utilization Metrics

The nGenius 3900 Series for Test Lab Automation with integrated S-Blade Pro from NETSCOUT delivers an intelligent Layer 1 switch solution for 1, 10 and 40G connections.

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Spectra2 3u

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Spectra2 Software Edition

An intuitive test solution for lab and production networks.

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Spectra2 XL3

High performance signaling and media test solution for EPC and IMS.

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Test Optimization Solutions: Improving Efficiency, Speed, and Performance in Network and Application Test Labs

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