nGenius 3900 Series for Test Lab Automation

Improve Network and Application Test Lab Efficiency, Speed, and Performance

The 3900 Series combines Layer 1 matrix switching with unique Layer 2-4 intelligence, in a single centralized platform, to optimize test lab operations.

Meet the Demands of Today’s Complex Test Lab Environments

Today’s rapidly evolving test lab environments are placing significant demands on your organization. You need to simultaneously improve resource utilization and reduce test cycle time, while saving on capital and operational expenditures.

Lab Management Challenge

As test lab configurations become increasingly complex, the time required to manage them can grow exponentially. Many companies are consolidating test labs, moving to a service-oriented approach to share resources across multiple organizations, making efficient lab management a significant challenge.

nGenius 3900 Series for Test Lab Automation

Optimize Test Lab Operations

The 3900 Series delivers an efficient platform enabling customers to optimize their test lab operations. It combines Layer 1 matrix switching with unique Layer 2-4 intelligence, in a single, centralized platform that is managed by our TestStream Management Software .

The nGenius 3901, 3903, and 3912 chassis options allow for scalability and flexibility. They incorporate optical-electrical-optical (OEO) blades that support a wide range of interfaces, along with a combination of Layer 1 switching and higher level intelligence for efficiently managing test lab network topologies. Blades are interoperable across chassis options and can be added as lab capacity requirements increase to support various Test Lab Automation Infrastructure Solutions.


Because the 3900 Series is controlled by NETSCOUT’s TestStream Management Software, it will seamlessly integrate with the rest of your existing test lab environment.


  • Integrated Intelligence
    The 3900 delivers Layer 1 functionality and unique Layer 2-4 intelligence, with software-adjustable, any-rate blades and a hybrid electrical and all-optical switching fabric.

  • High Scalability
    The 3900 Series will help optimize your existing test lab while delivering a scalable solution to support all your future growth requirements. Offering 1, 3, and 12 slot chassis options, in a distributed and redundant architecture, the 3900 Series provides flexible configurations from 16 to 1,152 ports of connectivity per system.

  • Simple Operation
    The 3900 Series delivers centralized software control and 3rd party interoperability. Its intuitive GUI enables instantaneous configuration changes and speed upgrades via easy to use software or CLI operation

Products You Can Trust

NETSCOUT understands the challenges test lab professionals face in today’s evolving, complex test lab environments. Let us show you how our nGenius 3900 Series for Test Lab Automation can help you address your immediate test lab needs and your long-term objectives.

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