Worldwide DDoS Protection Solutions 2019 Vendor Assessment

As distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks grow increasingly complex and sophisticated, organizations face rising reputational and financial risk. According to the NETSCOUT 2019 Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report, the cost of downtimes from internet service outages from DDoS attacks was $221,836.80 per attack. And with a 2018 IDC survey finding that nearly half of respondents have experienced a DDoS attack, that risk is real.

Companies are increasingly adopting DDoS protection solutions, but choosing the right vendor or service is challenging. IDC reviewed current market demands and buyer needs for DDoS mitigation and protection. Using the IDC MarketScape model, they compared 10 organizations that offer DDoS protection services and solutions.

As part of the assessment, NETSCOUT was positioned as a leader in the 2019 IDC MarketScape for worldwide DDoS protection solutions.

Download this report and learn:

  • ​NETSCOUT’s strengths and challenges relative to its peers
  • Key buying considerations when choosing a DDoS protection vendor
  • Various DDoS mitigation and deployment scenarios

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