IDC Spotlight

Security Risks of Stateful Network Architectures in the Digital Transformation Age

Digital Transformation Renews State-Based Risk

Stateful devices, specifically firewalls, are popular components of enterprise security architecture. However, these firewalls and other stateful infrastructure have introduced new DDoS attack vectors. Not just limited to substantial volumetric attacks, DDoS attacks often include application layer and state exhaustion attacks that impact stateful infrastructure and business operations.

The progression of digital transformation has driven many next-generation applications to be designed to be stateless, but state must be tracked in some form. Another trend is the use of containers, including stateful containers. These changing technologies and business practices will continue to introduce new attack vectors.

The IDC Spotlight includes these highlights:

  • State-Exhaustion is a well-known threat for DDoS attacks.
  • Digital transformation brings new opportunities for the threat vector to be abused.
  • Stateful systems will continue to require specialized protection in the form of a stateless network edge security stack.