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This paper highlights top cybersecurity events and trends during the pandemic and how the lessons learned will influence post-pandemic service assurance and cybersecurity strategies.

Trends directly related to Netscout Service Assurance and Cybersecurity solutions include:

  • Maintaining business continuity took precedence over cybersecurity– but in hindsight, there were repercussions.
  • DDoS attacks exploited remote access overhauls by targeting stateful security devices such as firewalls and VPN concentrators.
  • There was a significant increase in cyber extortion, as attackers targeted essential pandemic industries such as healthcare and education with ransomware and DDoS attacks.
  • Post pandemic Short-Term Fixes and Longer-Term Strategies include fixing routine technology hygiene like implementing cloud security controls in development environments; ensuring exposed VPN concentrators aren’t easy to identify by attackers doing reconnaissance; and upgrading to a dedicated DDoS protection capability rather than relying on necessary but insufficient DDoS protection features embedded in a Next Generation Firewalls.