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Peter Bernstein, Senior Editor, TMCnet
Ahmed Abdelhalim, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, NetScout Systems

Enterprises and service providers increasingly need to expand service-monitoring capabilities to strengthen their performance management, service delivery management, security management, forensics, and other monitoring strategies. The continued growth of network monitoring devices and diversity in connectivity and traffic access requirements pose a complex challenge to achieving the pervasiveness and scale required for effective support of the targeted monitoring applications. These expansive strategies require advanced packet-flow access solutions to overcome the problems of traditional approaches, as well as the scalability and manageability limitations of existing monitoring switches.

 What attendees will learn:

  • The shortcomings of existing techniques for provisioning access to network traffic
  • The essential requirements for transparent and scalable monitoring fabrics
  • The role of packet-flow intelligence, density, and scale in achieving pervasive monitoring and extending the longevity of the overall monitoring architecture
  • How to seamlessly manage and provision large-scale, distributed monitoring fabrics
  • Sample use cases highlighting how to expand the monitoring capability across the network layers from the border and deep into multi-layer server farms for better performance management and security

 Who should attend:

  • Enterprise business and technology decision makers overseeing business applications, network services, data centers, Unified Communications, security, as well as governance, risk, and compliance (GRC)
  • Service providers delivering wireline/wireless communications services and public cloud services
  • System architects and managers responsible for performance management, service delivery management, and security/compliance management

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