Date: On Demand

Speakers: Rob Rich, Managing Director, Insights Research, TM Forum

In the high-demand world of mobile communications, user experience is king. New devices, new services, and over-the-top applications are fueling the relentless growth in user traffic and are stretching the limits of today’s mobile networks. Today’s users want faster access and expect higher reliability and service quality. One bad customer experience can do real damage. When that bad experience affects a sizable portion of your customer base, it can rapidly spin out of control. The reality is that in the mobile broadband era, when networks don’t perform as expected, users blame the carrier’s name on the phone—regardless of whose application they are consuming.

The session will explore strategies that enable mobile operators to achieve enhanced real-time visibility into service behavior with granular application-specific metrics and end-to-end network performance from the user device, through the RAN, across the packet core, and in the data center. We will highlight approaches to more proactively predict and show how to prevent problems, and to effectively triage service quality issues to assure performance, availability, and quality for data, voice, and video services. The session examines approaches to gaining valuable operational and business intelligence from network traffic to improve customer experience management, effectively identifying and monetizing new services for new revenue and improving customer retention.

 Key topics covered include:

  • Best practices for real-time user-centric analytics and multi-dimensional intelligence to proactively improve mobile broadband user experience
  • Accelerate troubleshooting activities with a proactive early warning framework to identify issues before large numbers of users are affected
  • Speed up rollout and avoid problems with new services such as VoLTE, streaming video, and Web-RCS
  • Leveraging customer-centric mobile data analytics to understand and trend customer experience and service utilization

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