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Speaker: Sameer Khanna, Sr. Sales Engineer, NetScout Systems, Inc.

This webinar focuses on how the network team can achieve a more prominent role in managing service delivery to better understand network and application performance. We will explore best practices for achieving end-to-end operational visibility that extends from the data center, through the network, to the users—enabling a comprehensive view into the network infrastructure and all applications and services. The session features practical approaches to managing performance in Cisco environments and how to leverage NetScout to achieve operational visibility that helps to increase uptime while improving the user experience.

 In this session, you will learn:

  • The role of the Network team in managing application delivery and performance
  • Building a strategic network and application monitoring architecture including a reference design for monitoring the Cisco Powered Data Center, monitoring Cisco UCS server farms, virtualized environments (such as Cisco Nexus 1000v), Cisco UC deployments, and the role and architecture for Network Monitoring Switches
  • Gaining deep level visibility into all application flows and user sessions, including Web, multimedia, and peer-to-peer applications from the network
  • How to proactively identify, triage, and troubleshoot network and application performance from a single platform
  • Use cases and real-world examples

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