Speaker: Eric Hanselman, Chief Analyst, 451 Research

This session will explore real-world issues about how the adoption and implementation of cloud services affects service delivery. It will provide an actionable framework to accelerate the deployment and delivery of high performance cloud-based applications. We delve into best practices to help you understand how to implement a holistic monitoring strategy to more effectively optimize performance, availability, and quality of applications in virtualized and cloud-based environments. This strategy helps reduce cost and complexity, increase uptime, and improve the user experience.

Session highlights include:

  • Strategies for achieving peak performance for the virtualized data center and assuring application performance in cloud-based operating environments
  • Managing interdependencies between the cloud and your data center—addressing the integration of cloud services with local data sources, authentication elements, and application front ends
  • Identifying and addressing cloud provider caused performance issues
  • Measuring latency and response time relationships for cloud services
  • Implications of SDN and network virtualization on application delivery

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