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AUGUST 25 - 29, 2019 | SAN FRANCISCO

End-to-End, Application-centric Visibility Solves Service Performance Problems in the Virtual Cloud Faster

Creating and delivering applications across transformed data centers and multi-cloud architectures depend on VMware to help build out automated, highly scalable and secure environments. In this ever-changing environment, NETSCOUT enables you to deliver the best user experience through continuous monitoring of packet-data to gain end-to-end visibility into applications, networks and security at the same time. Please join us at VMworld U.S. 2019 and learn how application performance management and security begins with you.

Discover how NETSCOUT’s partnership with VMware provides system-level feedback and analytics intelligence directly from the heart of an organization’s SDDC, NSX infrastructure, as well as VMware Cloud on AWS. Learn more about how NETSCOUT provides a precise, early warning system into application and service level performance, risks, and rapid troubleshooting to resolve problems fast with global visibility.

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 Service Assurance and Security Management Solutions

Get a customized demo to see how visibility and insights built on the NETSCOUT smart data platform enables you to ensure quality performance and security of applications and services across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Innovative Solution for VMware NSX Environments

The NSX edition of vSTREAM, certified by VMware, revolutionizes how applications are monitored and analyzed in NSX software defined data centers and beyond. nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform leverages smart data from the NSX edition of vSTREAM to provide deep insights into east-west traffic for affordable service assurance in virtualized networks.

Business Service Delivery Monitoring From Remote Sites

NETSCOUT's nGeniusPULSE delivers the visibility needed into today's evolving IT eco-system to ensure the availability, reliability, and performance of your mission-critical business services across your multi-cloud, virtualized environment, from wherever users need access.

First and Last Lines of Defense for Cyber Threats & DDoS

Arbor Edge Defense acts as a network perimeter threat intelligence enforcement point where it blocks in bulk, inbound cyber threats (e.g. DDoS attacks, IOCs) and outbound malicious communication - essentially acting as the first and last line of perimeter defense for an organization.

Cyber Threat Detection & Investigation at Scale

Arbor Threat Analytics provides visibility deep inside data centers, between the edge and endpoints, for any infrastructure, any application, and anywhere for threat detection, incident response, and forensic analysis, using wire-data as the best source of truth for security and network operations.

Global Cybersecurity Situational Awareness

Cyber Threat Horizon from NETSCOUT delivers situational awareness across the threat landscape and presents it in a way that organizations can use to understand how it impacts them. The Global DDoS Attack Map represents data from NETSCOUT's globally deployed DDoS detection and mitigation systems.

Carrier-class Visibility, Threat Mitigation & DDoS Protection

Arbor Sightline plus Threat Mitigation System is a comprehensive network visibility platform to detect and understand availability threats and out-of-path, stateless, surgical mitigation of DDoS attacks.

Simplify Solution Adoption with Performance and Security Visibility

nGenius Packet Flow Systems are appliances that optimize the flow of packets from the network to the performance management and security systems.

Drive Business Decisions with Smart Data Insights

nGenius Business Analytics tool combines real-time, smart data with powerful business analytics for the most complete picture of service performance and customer experience, usage and behavior.

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Using NETSCOUT Adaptive Service Intelligence for Visibility and Advanced Troubleshooting into Applications Anywhere with NSX-T.

Session ID: CNET5669BUS
Data/Time: Monday, August 26 | 11:00am – 12:00pm
NETSCOUT Speaker: Ray Krug, Solution Architect, NETSCOUT
Networking and Security, VMware: Marcos Hernandez, Chief Technologist

With NSX-T, VMware is providing the ability to deliver applications and networks anywhere. With Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI), NETSCOUT is delivering visibility and advanced troubleshooting analytics into these applications and networks as organizations deploy NSX-T. This session will demonstrate how NETSCOUT helps ensure the performance and security of the applications that drive the business across the multi-Cloud and the entire data center infrastructure. You will learn how NETSCOUT automates the transformation of wire data into Smart Data to provide an early warning system into the issues and fastest path to resolution into the applications and services that you deliver to you customers and users.

End to End Application Visibility and Troubleshooting Across the Virtual Cloud Network and NSX Portfolio

Session ID: CNET5670BUS
Data/Time: Wednesday, August 28 | 8:30am – 9:30am
NETSCOUT speaker: Bruce Kelley, CTO

VMware is providing a consistent operational fabric across multi-Cloud and hybrid environments, allowing applications to be deployed and to run with a single click. Within this context, enterprises are focused on managing the risks of performance and security when delivering applications. NETSCOUT is the leader in providing consistent, real time visibility and a precise, early warning system into application and service level performance risks and rapid triage to resolve problems across the data center and multi-Cloud. This session will detail how VMware NSX and NETSCOUT have partnered to provide the next-generation, end to end visibility and troubleshooting analytics which can be deployed natively, invisible to the the workload, within the VMware Virtual Cloud Network and NSX-T fabric and across legacy and transformed data center architectures.


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Join us to hear a presentation about how NETSCOUT delivers and deploys end-to-end application-centric visibility with service assurance and security solutions for the largest enterprises, government organizations and service providers in the world. See what Visibility Without Borders means to them and their customers.

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