Key Country Level DDoS Attack Statistics From Jan 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022 / ISSUE 9: FINDINGS FROM 1ST HALF 2022

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Despite a slight decrease in DDoS attack frequency toward the end of 2021, adversaries unfortunately ramped up their nefarious activities in 1H 2022. Not content to simply rest on their laurels, attackers increasingly used powerful DDoS-capable botnets to launch TCP-based direct path attacks and often tied them to sociopolitical and entertainment events – think war, politics, religion, and sports.

The end result is that adversaries are constantly innovating, trying new attack methods, vectors, and motivations. EMEA experienced a 7 percent increase in DDoS attacks, with many of those tied to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The APAC region experienced about 8,600 DDoS attacks per day – or a new attack launched every 10 seconds. The LATAM region experienced an increase of 125 percent in botnet-based TCP floods. And North America experienced 1.04 million DDoS attacks in the six-month period, with adversaries increasingly targeting cloud-related service providers and even primary schools.

Max Multivector Attack

Max number of vectors seen in a single attack

Max Multivector Attacks (# only)

Attack Vectors Used

1. Attack Vectors Used (full list
2. incl. numbers
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Top Attack Vectors

Vector Name 1

Number of Attacks

Vector Name 2

Number of Attacks

Vector Name 3

Number of Attacks

Vector Name 4

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Vector Name 5

Number of Attacks

Top Ten Vertical Industries Under Attack

The following industry chart shows the most targeted sectors in 1H 2022 by number of attacks.

Rank Vertical Frequency Max Attack Max Impact Average Duration
Vertical 1
Max Attack 1 Gbps Max Impact 1 Mpps Minutes
Vertical 2
Max Attack 2 Gbps Max Impact 2 Mpps Minutes
Vertical 3
Max Attack 3 Gbps Max Impact 3 Mpps Minutes
Vertical 4
Max Attack 4 Gbps Max Impact 4 Mpps Minutes
Vertical 5
Max Attack 5 Gbps Max Impact 5 Mpps Minutes
Vertical 6
Max Attack 6 Gbps Max Impact 6 Mpps Minutes
Vertical 7
Max Attack 7 Gbps Max Impact 7 Mpps Minutes
Vertical 8
Max Attack 8 Gbps Max Impact 8 Mpps Minutes
Vertical 9
Max Attack 9 Gbps Max Impact 9 Mpps Minutes
Vertical 10
Max Attack 10 Gbps Max Impact 10 Mpps Minutes