Service providers are facing growing numbers of connected subscribers and devices leading to increasing data rates and variety of data. They need to maintain quality of service while discovering, deploying and monitoring value-added services for continued growth and profitability. A Unified Visibility Plane enabled by VSS Monitoring provides visibility to monitor, assure service, secure and help monetize service provider networks and the data traversing them.

A Unified Visibility Plane enabled by VSS Monitoring enables service providers to monitor and analyze subscriber traffic to identify new value-added services and billing models while assuring high levels of service and security. High density, high volume connectivity with hardware-accelerated, software-based functions enables granular subscriber-level visibility for monitoring and security in dynamic and virtualized networks.


Key Criteria to Delivering Optimal Service Provider Visibility:

  1. Interconnected and self-organizing packet broker mesh provides flexible and scalable visibility regardless of network or tool complexity
  2. Enable centralized, decentralized and hybrid monitoring approaches through location-independent monitoring with vMesh architecture and TCP/IP backhauling capabilities
  3. Subscriber-level correlation and load balancing offers session stickiness for service assurance and billing
  4. Unified and pervasive visibility of traffic for more complete security inspection and forensic analysis
  5. Full reassembly of fragmented user plane packets caused by GTP tunneling and security encapsulation for routing across networks
  6. High density 100G and 40G visibility for packet monitoring in the network core
  7. Enhanced user-defined filtering for deeper and more granular monitoring policy direction and enforcement