NETSCOUT Powers Service Assurance for Utilities Companies

Let’s face it, the IT world as we know it is changing every day and the only thing you can be sure of in the future is continued change. This means the solutions you rely on to ensure that your services and applications are reliable must be able to adapt with your ever-changing environment. That’s where NETSCOUT can help. 

Whether you operate physical appliances to monitor traditional workloads or measure the performance of virtualized systems, NETSCOUT software solutions and hardware-independent architecture is designed to operate in your environment of choice. We support physical systems, virtual systems, commercial off the shelf (COTS) implementations, as well as private, public, and hybrid cloud.

Digital Transformation Creates Key Challenges for Today’s Utilities Industry IT

Utilities companies are undergoing dramatic digital transformations to keep up with customer demands and growth in consumption, as well as to enable competitive differentiation.  The industry migration to distributed power generation, combined with compliance, safety, and green energy requirements, is evolving the way utilities conduct business and service their customers. But the nemesis of this ongoing transformation is downtime, which, for an “always-on” industry, is simply not an option.  Consumers and businesses have come to rely on power, water, gas, and other utilities and expect they will be available on demand whenever they need them.  

A few of the drivers of digital transformation within the utilities industry include:

  • Leveling out power demands, thus reducing peaks and valleys, which requires smart meters, combined with the Internet of Things (IoT), to gather near-real-time consumption data. Also required is big data analytics correlating consumption data with environmental and social data to produce business intelligence.
  • Decentralized power generation. which requires monitoring of power generation from wind farms, solar arrays, customer generated power, etc., as well as monitoring and controlling new power storage systems.

In addition to implementing new digital services to enable the evolution of power generation, traditional IT services still remain and must be integrated into the current systems creating complex, multi-vendor/multi-technology environments.

Amongst the pressing concerns faced by IT are:  

  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems continue to be used and must be extended to manage distributed and remote
  • Data and IP communication remains critical for maintaining safety and security within plants as well as at remote locations
  • Sensors continue to provide important information allowing the utilities company to understand when pending maintenance is required
  • Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) systems are needed for both proactive and reactive customer communication

Successful Digital Transformation Requires Proactive Service Assurance

Utilities need a service assurance solution to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of their IT infrastructure and the mission-critical applications that rely on it.  These IT environments consist of legacy applications, as well as new Web-based applications, UC&C, and cloud applications, along with supporting services, such as DNS and LDAP, all operating over on-premise wired, wireless and hybrid cloud infrastructures. 

When a problem occurs, IT teams need real time and historical information, as well as root cause analysis, enabling them to quickly triage and rectify issues.  Traditional point tools are not effective for this purpose, as each has an understanding of only one part of the overall integrated system and therefore cannot account for interactions between multiple components. In short, point tools typically lead to internal finger pointing and costly delays in addressing the issue. Without a flexible service assurance solution providing end-to-end management in these complex environments, extended detection, triage and resolution times results and customers suffer.

NETSCOUT can help you overcome your digital transformation challenges. 

NETSCOUT knows the only effective way to monitor your complex and geographically dispersed systems, which often rely on different architectures and technologies, is by focusing on the packet. Our patented Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology analyzes traffic at the packet level to provide proactive service assurance.  This allows complete analysis and visibility of multi-vendor business services from the plant, remote locations, and distribution areas, back-office, front office, as well as those services in the cloud used for big data analytics.  Utilities that have gone, or are going through digital transformation will benefit from the tremendous value of NETSCOUT solutions.

We allow you to:

  • Implement digital transformation projects with confidence from plant applications to business applications including Internet of Things (IoT) integration, and public/private/hybrid cloud initiatives
  • Maintain high-availability and optimal performance of mission-critical services, such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, big data analysis applications, and administrative systems
  • Be proactive, initiating rapid triage of service performance problems before they impact utilities delivery to customers
  • Take advantage of vendor-neutral support of end-to-end business services allowing implementation in any environment

The utilities industry has unique requirements, not all of which can be covered on these pages. Talk to one of our highly experienced subject matter experts to find out how we can help you overcome your digital transformation challenges. 

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