Software Defined Data Center Management with VMware NSX and NETSCOUT

The Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) is quickly becoming a significant strategic initiative in many businesses. Not only does the SDDC provide agility when deploying new services, it also provides additional levels of security and flexibility. VMware NSX implementations are adding a level of isolation – micro-segmentation – while blending seamlessly into existing network architectures.

The combination of NSX and VXLAN technologies allow the Software Defined Data Center to blend into the existing architecture. By driving policy based solutions deeper into the network, NSX eliminates the need for complex and time consuming network configuration. With NETSCOUT, NSX environments can now have the tools to effectively monitor the performance of IT services and ensure that troubleshooting can be performed and network performance can be assured.


NETSCOUT'S Intelligent Data Sources

NETSCOUT’s patented ASI (Adaptive Service Intelligence) technology has been built to provide visibility throughout the Software Defined Data Center. Deployed on NETSCOUT InfiniStream platforms, the ASI technology is continuously monitoring and analyzing in real-time traffic that traverses across conventional, VM-to-VM on the same host and VXLAN enabled networks ensuring that visibility throughout the network is provided. Other solutions require that VXLAN tags be removed to make the traffic look like “conventional” IP traffic. This creates a situation where the virtual network can never be reconciled with the physical network. NETSCOUT has ensured that visibility remains complete, regardless of the technology deployed.

Visibility throughout the Software Defined Data Center is imperative. NSX is driving secure and flexible deployments of IT services via micro-segmentation. NETSCOUT is assuring that the performance of these services can be managed regardless of the technologies that are deployed.