To achieve the agility and flexible footprint required to quickly spin-up services in the most cost-effective way possible in support of next-generation technologies – NFV, SDN, and 5G/IoT, Cable MSOs need to transform their existing analog networks to a distributed Converged Interconnect Network (CIN).

A flexible CIN architecture supports automation of scalable endpoints and required edge computing technologies for emerging services: AR/VR, smart cities, autonomous vehicles, cloud gaming, IoT, and videos.

However, the introduction of a new flexible network into an existing legacy ecosystem breeds many complexities. For steady success, Cable MSOs must apply a pervasive visibility strategy to employ proactive measures at any phase of the technology cycle - from prelaunch, launch, to commercial operations.

As a Smart Data company, NETSCOUT delivers Visibility Without Borders to Cable MSOs, which in turn gives them independence from any vendor, technology, service, and network (physical or virtual).

NETSCOUT's visibility solution offers strategies at any phase to help Cable MSOs take decisive actions to:

  • Launch new Services Faster
  • Achieving world-class service assurance
  • Provide Superior Customer Experience

Like other communication providers, Cable MSOs want to realize:

  • Adaptive Networks
  • New Revenue Opportunities
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Improve End-User Experience
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The most demanding cable networks in the world use the nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform. Whether you are rolling out Carrier WIFI, offering VoD Service, expanding your Business Service offering, or virtualizing elements of your network, nGeniusONE provides you with crucial service insights.

Scalable Monitoring
Achieve total cost of ownership with NETSCOUT's cloud-native platforms. Our solution offers scalable and pervasive monitoring that automatically learns your network footprint for each Computer Premise Equipment (CPE), Access Point, and Subscriber device.

Smart Data
Packets are the gold standard for measuring actual subscriber transactions, and the meta-data that NETSCOUT produced from this high-fidelity source is what we call Smart Data. Smart Data delivers a high-fidelity, centralized view into all infrastructure and application components' performance characteristics, including their dependencies. The intelligence generated can be harnessed to achieve service assurance, cybersecurity, and Big Data analytics in hybrid cloud environments.

Actionable Insights
Gain actionable insights from edge to core with ultra-high-definition key performance indicators (KPIs) to track accessibility (control plane), usability (user plane), and maintainability (early warning systems for proactive measures).

Service and Subscriber Availability
nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform provides real-time insight into the performance of your critical services. nGeniusONE offers a service triage approach with automated analytics for proactive troubleshooting through a top-down early warning workflow and a bottom-up root cause workflow to directly reduce MTTR. nGeniousONE also presents a reporting workflow for executives to show succinct status on network and service performance for quick decision making.

Vendor Agnostic
NETSCOUT's solutions through our Smart Data approach allows for independence and agility and provide insights based on packets, which are 3GPP standards-based and support multi-generational networks independently and openly.

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