Why Attend?

Service Provider

Gain knowledge from industry experts, your peers, and NETSCOUT teams on the data explosion and technology innovations helping service providers make informed decisions about their network.

Clean Code

Key Topics for Service Provider Customers Include:

  • Big Data analytics supporting CSP strategies
  • Virtualization: assuring full visibility within network troubleshooting
  • Innovative and best practices around video, data and voice
  • Delivering actionable intelligence with IoT
  • Take advantage of your WiFi networks
  • The RAN outlook as networks move to 5G
  • Monitoring the Set Top Box for user experience
  • Maximizing the Value of Tool Consolidation
  • Managing OPEX and CAPEX: Make Money, Save Money
  • NETSCOUT’s product roadmap

Justify Your Attendance

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Your attendance and participation at NETSCOUT’s ENGAGE 17 technology summit will pay for itself and then some. And if you need help demonstrating the value with your manager, we have done some legwork for you with our customizable manager and justification letter.

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