NETSCOUT University
ENGAGE 17 Conference Certifications

Professional development is an excellent reason to attend ENGAGE 17. At this year’s event, NETSCOUT University will now be offering four distinct conference certifications:

  • Enterprise Conference Certification
  • Service Provider Conference Certification
  • Security Conference Certification
  • Security for Non-Security Professionals*

By attending sessions led by NETSCOUT experts, you will have the opportunity to receive key, in-depth technical training in fast paced, hands-on boot camps that focus on new features, incident triage, and instructor led find-and-fix use cases.

Enhance your own professional skills and career development by completing conference certifications. It will make you more indispensable to your organization when you return to your office and are able to deliver immediate value to your company as you help maximize the investment in NETSCOUT solutions.

Here’s how to qualify for your ENGAGE 17 conference certification:

  1. Each conference certification is anchored by a “Core” hands-on lab session that must be attended. In addition, you must complete and submit the associated exam for each lab attended.
  2. Additionally a series of “Electives” are necessary to complete a total of 8 credit hours of conference training in any of the three conference certification tracks or 6 credit hours for the security for non-security professionals’ track. Obtain conference certifications in the discipline of your choice.

Here’s what YOU need to do:

Space is limited so register today and start building your agenda for the specific conference certification track(s) to fulfill the requirements for your Engage’16 conference certification.

NOTE: Attendees may choose sessions or boot camps from any conference certification track to fulfill the Electives requirements. One core course is required per certification track. See the ENGAGE 17 published agenda for a complete list of core and elective offerings.

*Security for Non-Security Professionals is a unique one-day certification that can be completed by attending the listed required sessions in the track all offered on Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Justify Your Attendance

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Your attendance and participation at NETSCOUT’s ENGAGE 17 technology summit will pay for itself and then some. And if you need help demonstrating the value with your manager, we have done some legwork for you with our customizable manager and justification letter.

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