The Main Stage

Executive Keynotes & Product Roadmaps

Come hear NETSCOUT leaders and visionaries share their industry and technology perspectives, reveal product enhancements, and learn what business assurance means to your organization.

Official Event Kick-off

Monday, April 24, 2017 9:00AM – 1:00PM
Welcome and Executive Keynotes
Speakers: Anil Singhal, CEO & President, NETSCOUT Systems, Inc.
Michael Szabados, COO, NETSCOUT Systems, Inc.

Enterprise Business Tracks

Architecture & Design Track, Enterprise Services Track, Customer Success Track and More . . .

At ENGAGE 17, we connect your transformative IT business initiatives with the technologies of the present and the future. As we highlight our business assurance solutions, sessions are designed to help you ramp up quickly on new product releases so you can put your newly deployed NETSCOUT solutions to good use to meet your organization’s business objectives for user quality of service and availability. You will hear from Fortune 500 companies and leading global enterprises who are experienced users of NETSCOUT technology and can provide first-hand experience and seasoned best practices on how they addressed service assurance challenges in their environments.

You will benefit from a robust agenda and compelling speakers. We have a wide-ranging array of Enterprise experts from our user community (your peers), technical staff, and industry analysts delivering sessions packed with all the tools you need including:

  • Service Assurance
  • Enterprise Services
  • Cloud & Visualization Technology
  • Datacenter Technology
  • Digital Transformation and Mobility
  • Unified Communications & Collaboration
  • Security for Non-Security Professionals

View the agenda and register now to advance your understanding and utilization of NETSCOUT’s business assurance solutions in your enterprise environments – today and tomorrow!

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Service Provider Business Tracks

Mobile Track, Fixed/Cable Track

For ENGAGE 17, we have assembled our largest, most comprehensive agenda to date for Service Provider customers. This is a not-to-be-missed conference! Whether you run a Mobile, Cable, Fixed or Satellite Network, our agenda has something for you! This year’s selection of Service Provider tracks, focused on Mobile and Fixed / Cable, have sessions focused on real-world case studies, technology discussions, learned lessons and best practices that will enable you to make a real difference when you return to your organization.

You will benefit from our customized sessions for Service Providers, register today and browse the sessions that interest you most. Our agenda includes sessions, training and specific hands-on labs with subjects covering:

  • RAN Optimization/planning
  • IMS
  • Mobile evolution 2G/3G/4G/LTE
  • 5G/IoT
  • Next Gen Voice- VoLTE/IMS/VoWifi
  • Mobile Video
  • Carrier WiFi
  • Voice - IMS/VoIP/SIP
  • EPG/VOD/Video Service Assurance
Common Service Provider Sessions
  • Cyber Security (DDOS, Advanced Threat, Threat Intelligence)
  • Business Intelligence / Data Analytics / Big Data
  • Network Services/Service
  • Enablers (DNS/AAA/DHCP…)
  • Virtualization / Cloud
  • Digital Transformation

The Service Provider tracks and sessions we have assembled come from the broadest array of experts in the NETSCOUT user community, technical staff and industry analysts. Best practices and use cases are the foundation for the education you will receive to provide practical tips and techniques for improving business assurance and user experience to meet the challenges Service Providers face. With the Most innovative information you will receive at ENGAGE, you can’t help but achieve competitive advantages in your business going forward.

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Arbor Networks Security Tracks

DDoS / Visibility Track, Advanced Threat Track and More . . .

At ENGAGE 17, we are dedicating two tracks, technical training, and hands-on labs to address one of the hottest areas in IT business assurance – Security. See how Arbor Networks, the Security Division of NETSCOUT, covers a variety of dimensions impacting safe, secure, availability to your most critical IT and application resources

You will benefit from our customized sessions focused on how as an industry we are fighting the latest threats to our networks and businesses. Our agenda includes sessions, training and specific hands-on labs with subjects covering

  • DDoS Countermeasures
  • Incident Response
  • Advanced Threat
  • Visibility & Intelligence

View the agenda and register now to advance your understanding and utilization of Arbor Networks and NETSCOUT’s business assurance and cybersecurity solutions in your environment.

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NETSCOUT University & Product Experts - Training Tracks

Solutions Labs/Technical Training Sessions

Immerse yourself in your product and solution of choice with hands-on labs, certifications and technical deep-dive sessions with professional instructors during your visit at ENGAGE 17. You’ll get the in-person guidance and instruction you need from the most expert NETSCOUT and Arbor Networks technical advisors. Instructors will be on hand to provide you with all the tools and information you need to successfully leverage NETSCOUT and Arbor Networks technology in your organization.

There are two types of sessions to participate in during training:

  1. Solutions Labs: These guided programs are two hours in length and can hold between 25 – 30 attendees per lab. We’ve designed these labs to be both personalized and instructional so you can get the information you need to be successful back in your own environment. In these “roll-up your sleeves” hands-on sessions, you will be walked through recent product enhancements, triaging sample incidents and new user or advanced level training, depending on your level of NETSCOUT expertise. You’ll interact with peers and instructors and receive answers to all your individual questions. Also includes thought-provoking discussions and plenty of time for Q & A.
  2. 2 or 4 Hours
    2 Solutions Labs per attendee
    Delivered by NETSCOUT University
    Accumulates credit hours towards Summit Certification
    (1HR = 1 Credit)
    Certifications to be announced

  3. Technical Training Sessions: These classroom-style discussions include live demos and vary from one to two hours and can hold up to 25-50 people per session. Instructors for these trainings are NETSCOUT technical experts and will walk through product and solution-focused topics as well as specific product reviews and reports to help you maximize NETSCOUT technology success in your own IT work environment. These are very interactive sessions including lively discussions with time for Q & A at the end of each session.
  4. 1 or 2 Hours
    Unlimited number of sessions as available to attendee
    Delivered by field and support engineers
    Accumulates credit hours towards Summit Certification
    (1HR = 1 Credit)
    Certifications to be announced

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Hear from Peers

From the User and Manager’s Perspective

Hearing how other peers leverage NETSCOUT solutions for some of the world’s largest and most advanced networks and how they have found success, continues to be one the primary reasons people attend every year. Implementation stories abound in these series of problem solving use case examples.

Justify Your Attendance

Download and Customize Your Request to Attend

Your attendance and participation at NETSCOUT’s ENGAGE 17 technology summit will pay for itself and then some. And if you need help demonstrating the value with your manager, we have done some legwork for you with our customizable manager and justification letter.

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