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June 25 - 29, 2017
Las Vegas, Nevada
Learn about NETSCOUT and Arbor Networks solutions
at booth 1736 and Security Partner Village

At Cisco Live you will discover in a world where slow is the new off, NETSCOUT service assurance and Arbor Networks cybersecurity solutions are essential to digital transformation and business success. With the shift to hybrid cloud, the rise of network and server virtualization, and the increased focus on improving end-user experience all while trying to defend against a new era of advanced threats, NETSCOUT delivers unmatched visibility and knowledge to provide the Business Assurance that enables you to deliver uninterrupted, high-quality services in the digital economy.

NETSCOUT Helps You Achieve a New Business Future Faster and with Smarter Security

As the forces of change continue to accelerate and enterprise agility becomes more software-centric and unified, IT professionals like you are turning to NETSCOUT and Arbor Networks, the security division of NETSCOUT, to assure high quality business services are always available and working. Join us at Cisco Live to see how NETSCOUT’s Solutions for Enterprise, using Smart Data, enable IT to confidently migrate to the cloud and assure the delivery of services in complex hybrid cloud environments. You will learn how NETSCOUT provides the application and network insights you need to securely transform your business and illuminate the journey.


Hybrid Cloud

NETSCOUT’s nGeniusONE solution allows you to gain insight into existing service performance baselines and migrate applications, compute, network, and storage workloads to the Cloud with confidence by quickly detecting and resolving service issues without modifying existing workflows. When it comes to Hybrid Cloud environments, assure high levels of availability, reliability, and responsiveness of your digital services.

Application Assurance

Get unmatched visibility into the data center and cloud through NETSCOUT’s InfiniStreamNG, vScout, vStream and vNG1. Gain a holistic approach to real-time application management and security based on pervasive instrumentation and insights into service delivery interdependencies – whether physical or virtual, on-premises and off-premises, private and public Clouds.

Unified Communications and Collaboration

Simplify Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) performance management with real-time visibility into end-to-end service performance for voice, video and data. Actively test the VoIP system to ensure performance and availability at all times - from anywhere.

Wi-Fi Monitoring

Put portable troubleshooting power into local hands with OptiView XG. Technicians get a wireless companion to nGeniusONE for full WLAN lifecycle management and the visibility they need to solve problems down to the desktop.

DDoS Protection

Arbor provides the industry's most comprehensive suite of DDoS attack protection products and services for the Enterprise, Cloud / Hosting and Service Provider markets. Whether it be fully managed DDoS protection services; virtual, in-cloud or on-premises DDoS mitigation appliances; or embedded DDoS solutions within existing Cisco ASR 9000 routers, Arbor has the deployment model, scalability and pricing flexibility to meet the DDoS protection needs of any organization operating online today.

Advanced Threats

Arbor Spectrum is a high-performance internal network traffic security solution that helps organizations detect and confirm hidden threats faster and more accurately than ever before. By merging an organization’s own threat and network activity with Arbor’s proven traffic intelligence and behavioral indicators, Arbor Spectrum enables security teams to discover the most damaging threats as they happen.

Packet Brokers for Service Assurance and Security Visibility

Deliver cost-effective and complete packet visibility while streamlining your monitoring architecture and reducing security risks.

Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) Technology

NETSCOUT’s patented Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology generates Smart Data based on software-centric pervasive instrumentation of traffic-flows that are collected and processed at the source – from physical and virtual (SDN/NFV) infrastructure on-premises, software-defined data centers (SDDC) and Hybrid Cloud environments - to produce service contextual metadata in real-time.


Join us to hear presentations from experts about the pace of change and how to keep up. As a Guardian of the Connected World, you will learn what it takes for your business to maintain a competitive advantage and avoid experiencing a full blown catastrophe. Find out about the winning combination of vision, knowledge and speed enabled only by NETSCOUT solutions.


Add these NETSCOUT and Arbor Networks sessions to your Cisco Live calendar
Cisco Live Session Catalog

Obscured by Clouds

Obscured by Clouds is not only a Pink Floyd album, but a feeling that many IT professionals have when they begin their migration to the cloud. How can I maintain visibility into applications? How can I troubleshoot complex problems? How can I understand network traffic? Until now, these questions went largely unanswered and IT was left trying to wade through too many tools that only provided a small part of the picture. NETSCOUT has introduced technology that expands on their award winning approach to service assurance and extracts wire data from the hybrid cloud. This session will demonstrate the value of using wire data as a cost effective, scalable, and robust solution for managing the performance of hybrid cloud deployments.

Cloud Value Remains Cloudy

Uncover how to make the Cloud work for you. Through the cloud, new digital-centric businesses are emerging that are more agile and innovative than anything seen before. Enterprises are worrying about these new, agile competitors, while dealing with upheaval on a massive scale. The challenge: disrupt or be disrupted. There is an extremely important and compelling reason to incorporate agility and continuous development and deployment into your business strategy. There is a pressing need to digitally transform your company in order to keep pace with the market, innovate and win new customers. There is also an easy way to do all of the above wrong. This session will ask the CXO: will the system you are running today work the same when you move it into the cloud? Will it cost the same? Scale the same? In the end, every CXO will need to think about management. You will need to think about measurement and metrics and choose an approach that will work in both your existing and future environments and be able to maintain the constants you expect to rely upon.

The Macro View of Microservices

Microservice frameworks are quickly becoming the primary way that applications and services are developed and delivered. They provide great flexibility and speed of deployment, as well as complementing an agile development methodology. These loosely coupled services rely on network connections and create a complex set of interdependent services that form the application. While this allows for great flexibility for the development, deployment and continuous delivery of the application, but present a challenge to the on-going management of the application. This session will show you how to gain visibility and control over these applications and the dependencies that exist between the microservices and broader infrastructure services.

Can the Cloud Shelter You from a DDoS Blizzard?

Today the cloud is more than a computer or storage node, it is as it always has been a network. And as such it is the ideal place to bolster your perimeter defenses at scale. The best approach to security is a layered approach, terms of technologies, but also by deployments. Cloud based is both sensible, powerful, and scalable way to bolster your defenses against growing threats in the cloud like IoT based botnets.

How You are Vulnerable to DDoS Attacks and How to Protect

DDoS attack frequency is escalating worldwide as is their size, complexity, and financial impact. This presentation will inform participants on the following:

  • Various ways most organizations are vulnerable to DDoS attacks
  • Types of damage DDoS attacks can cause
  • Your options to protect against DDoS attacks

Reduce Your Mean Time to Know and Eject the Critical Threats

Arbor Spectrum's combination of internal network visualization, high performance traffic archive and Internet- scale ATLAS threat intelligence is a force multiplier for security operations teams. Attendees will learn how this solution has been used by security analysts to find and verify internal network threat activity 10X faster and more efficiently. This session will provide an overview of current security incident response practices and how to change your game by network threat hunting and investigating at the speed of thought.

Increase Your Signal to Noise With Global Traffic Intelligence

Organizations are deluged with information or alerts on security events and vulnerabilities. Yet attackers are increasingly focused on leveraging botnets and ransomware to ensure a Fast Mean Time To Pay, waging campaigns that are too large in volume or sneak easily past existing defenses. Get insight into the latest attack landscape and techniques attackers are using. We will demonstrate how defenders can adjust to think like the attacker, and leverage the Infrastructure attackers use to wage their attacks against them. Learn how Arbor's global traffic visibility with ATLAS Intelligence and our ASERT research can be the key force multiplier in your defenses.

Tap into the Power of Your Network Traffic

In this session, you will learn how to use packet flow switches (aka network packet brokers) to design a high availability security infrastructure. This overview session will discuss key requirements for an effective packet visibility solution, such as:

  • Advanced system health checks
  • Trigger policies and load balancing
  • Inline security service chaining

You will learn how packet flow switches can simplify proof of concepts and reduce operational complexity in your security infrastructure. Key takeaways will include best practices for architecting a resilient, automated and highly-efficient packet visibility plane to support your network security initiatives.

Active Security-in-Series

Get the most from your active security systems. In this overview session, we’ll discuss how packet flow switches (aka packet brokers) can be leveraged to:

  • Optimize performance of active security appliances
  • Ensure functionality of your security systems
  • Centralize security visibility

Key takeaways will cover how you can utilize packet flow switches to test active security appliances with live production traffic, while simplifying operations for network and security teams.