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More than ever, your network is your business – and system failure is unthinkable. Delivering instant access to information with the high-quality experience now expected by employees and customers alike takes more than just data centre transformation and virtualisation – it requires complex, distributed network structures that encompass public and private clouds, software-defined networks and more.

CIOs must therefore find ways of cutting through all this IT complexity to create next generation architectures that combine the speed and convenience users crave with the agility and cost-effectiveness that the business demands.

NETSCOUT’s Enterprise solutions cover the four critical areas of Cloud, SDN Virtualization, Workload Migration and Performance - delivering the power of intelligence across your entire network environment.

Network Assurance for The Digital Era

In an increasingly distributed business environment, reliable delivery of secure, mission-critical business services across wired and wireless environments is a baseline requirement of the IT function.

Service delivery must be end-to-end – across the enterprise, on premise or in the cloud – and with agreed response times for new and existing services. This will enable rapid service triage to reduce mean-time-to-knowledge (MTTK); and testing and monitoring new digital transformation projects over wired and wireless networks – before, during and after deployment – to assure a quality user experience.

NETSCOUT Service Assurance delivers all of this and more. Whether you monitor traditional workloads with physical appliances, or measure the performance of virtualized systems, NETSCOUT’s hardware independent architecture will operate wherever you need it to.

Securing the Availability of The Connected World

Today’s threats demand a proactive approach to security – blocking threats closer to their source and working with enterprise defences to reduce cost and risk. In our increasingly distributed environment, the risk of downtime has grown with the advent of internet-scale threats, which leverage internet connected devices to wage mass or highly targeted DDoS attacks. The danger of these will only expand as we continue to add vulnerable IoT devices globally and as 5G network deployments expands.

NETSCOUT provides the visibility and analytics to accelerate digital transformation while reducing risks. We protect businesses against all disruptions in their digital services – whether in availability, performance, or advanced cyber threats and DDoS attacks. 

European Power Company Increases DDoS Attack Management to Ensure Coverage of VPN Traffic Overload Due to Pandemic
Success Story

European Power Company Increases DDoS Attack Management to Ensure Coverage of VPN Traffic Overload Due to Pandemic

NETSCOUT’s flexibility in licensing, global presence and ability to react swiftly enabled the customer to meet their crisis goals quickly and efficiently.

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