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Protect Stateful Devices on Your Network Edge from DDoS Attacks

In this webinar, Zach Nelson from Health-ISAC and Tom Bienkowski with NETSCOUT, reveal how Heath Care organizations are at risk of DDoS attacks through their stateful devices. Firewalls, VPN concentrators, IDS/IPS, load balancers etc. are all stateful devices. That makes them very susceptible to DDoS attacks – more specifically state exhaustion attacks. To protect these devices from DDoS attacks you need dedicated, stateless DDoS attack protection technology deployed in front of your stateful infrastructure. Join Health-ISAC and NETSCOUT in this webinar to learn: • The latest statistics in DDoS attacks targeting healthcare organizations. • Why stateful devices like firewalls are susceptible to DDoS attacks. • Why industry best practices (and firewall vendors) suggested deploying stateless DDoS protection in front of your firewall to protect it and other stateful devices. • How NETSCOUT Arbor Edge Defense can be used as a first and last line of network perimeter defense to protect the availability and performance of your firewall and other stateful infrastructure from cyber threats.