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RAN Service Experience Analytics Model

Accurate and Efficient Network Signal Coverage Predictions for Path Loss Modeling

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With the Service Experience Analytics Model (SEAM), NETSCOUT® brings to market an innovative and cost-conscious solution for predictive modeling of network signal coverage and path loss. Unlike traditional Continuous Wave-based options, SEAM is designed to better reflect the subscriber experience with measurements gathered directly from the Radio Access Network (RAN).

  • Reduce the cost, time and complexity associated with traditional field measurement collection.
  • Focus on the subscriber experience with actual RF characteristics rather than ideal specifications and predictable deployment conformity.
  • Reflect the reality of in-building subscriber usage with path-loss measurements based on indoor-centric data.
  • Improve and automate the classification of morphologies with a quantitative and objective approach.
  • Update and validate models periodically and on-demand to ensure alignment with changing environments and GIS data.