nGenius Unified Communications Collector

Gain clear and rapid insights into service delivery for Microsoft voice services, alongside overall voice, video, and data environments to achieve a flawless user experience.

Quality-of-experience records speed triage

In Unified Communication (UC) environments, Quality-of-Experience (QoE) records can be used to augment traffic-based intelligence to quickly identify and triage service degradation problems.

Enhancing service assurance

NETSCOUT’s nGenius Unified Communications Collector augments the real-time, actionable, traffic-based intelligence on service degradations, service enablers, call signaling and reliability issues, and voice and video quality impairments.

virtual computing for microsoft lync uc performance


A holistic view with in-depth information, including performance data metrics from your Microsoft-based service, allows IT to triage service quality problems, decrease time to troubleshoot issues, and reduce mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR).

Extraordinary service quality and operational excellence

The nGenius Unified Communications Collector collects QoE performance metrics from your end points. The nGenius UC server, an advanced voice and video media analytics software of nGeniusONE platform, combines and correlates these metrics with measurements extracted by InfiniStream appliances powered by Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology, to accurately determine QoE for Lync voice/video calls.

As a result, you get end-to-end deep operational insights into your entire UC environment through the dashboard, signaling and media service monitors, individual call visualizations, call search functions, and conversation summaries. Using this top-down workflow, you can achieve extraordinary service quality, deliver an impeccable user experience, and simplify IT operations for voice, video, and data applications.

Products you can trust

NETSCOUT delivers rapid, traffic-based intelligence giving you the confidence to operate and innovate in the connected world. Let us show you how the nGenius Unified Communications Collector and nGenius UC Server help you proactively manage your UC environments.

“With the complexity of IP networks, virtualization, and big data affecting all businesses, the insights provided by NetScout will be critical to service quality and continuity.” – Frost & Sullivan

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nGenius Unified Communications Collector

The nGenius Unified Communications Collector appliance is engineered to collect call and quality data, as well as performance metrics from major enterprise Unified Communications vendor call control systems. The Unified Communications Collector Virtual Appliance option provides the same functionality offered in UC Collector hardware appliances.

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