NETSCOUT Intelligent Data Sources

Combine real-time, actionable intelligence with holistic visibility of all traffic that flows across your IP network for proactive service assurance.

Speed up problem identification and resolution with traffic-based intelligence

You need always-on monitoring and analysis to enable holistic visibility into all data, voice, and video traffic flowing across your converged, global networks. With scalability to meet the needs of the world’s largest and most demanding enterprise and service provider networks, we proactively collect, organize, and analyze traffic data in real time to enable you to take the offense against performance degradations and avoid service outages. With a broader scope and more detailed insights into service issues, you can achieve faster MTTR.

If you can see it, you can manage it: unlock the power of traffic-based data

Traffic data is the singular source of truth for IT, giving you the insights you need to assure a quality user experience. NETSCOUT InfiniStreamNG appliances, leveraging our patented Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology, captures information to provide a contextual view into the interrelationships and dependencies of service, network, and application performance, across complex multi-domain service delivery environments for insight into overall service performance.

Gaining pervasive visibility has never been easier

By combining InfiniStreamNG Appliances with our industry-leading nGenius Packet Flow Switches, passive NETSCOUT TAPs, and our highly flexible nGenius PFS Management platform, we simplify traffic acquisition and distribution for diverse network traffic operations, including performance management, tool management, service delivery management, and security monitoring.

NETSCOUT Intelligent Data Sources:

  • InfiniStreamNG Appliance – Provides scalable high-performance, continuous packet capture and extensive ASI-based metrics for data, voice and video traffic
  • nGenius Collector– Provides high-capacity collection and aggregation of Cisco NetFlow, Juniper J-Flow, sFlow, and IP SLA-based data and datagrams from network switches and routers
  • nGenius Unified Communications Collector– Specialized appliance-based data source that collects endpoint metrics and call data records (CDR)

"The nGenius solution monitors environment alerting the team to potential issues and performance anomalies to help resolve problems and assure service delivery and availability."  -Cerner Corporation

Products You Can Trust

By meticulously watching over your enterprise or service provider environments, you have the information you need for service assurance, problem triage, and forensic analysis. Let us show you how nGenius Intelligent Data Sources with ASI technology provides deep, scalable and actionable intelligence in your environment so you can assure quality service delivery to your users.

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Bank Safeguards Critical Customer Facing Banking Applications and Services

Future-proof troubleshooting in next-gen data centers with InfiniStreamNG appliances.

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