IoT (Internet of Things)

Deliver a Carrier-Grade Experience

In the Internet of Everything age, consistent network availability and reliable connectivity are more important than ever. Why would you launch IoT without complete visibility to both?

Digital transformation is an important driver for the increasing number of IoT devices. Visibility into the connectivity and communication between IoT devices and infrastructures is crucial to IoT success. 

IoT opportunity comes with a price

Ericsson’s latest Mobility Report states that 1.5 billion IoT devices with cellular connections are expected by 2022.  More evidence continues to surface about the efficiencies, cost savings and revenues that will be realized through the IoT.  This places a great deal of pressure on service providers, whose networks will carry most of the traffic generated by IoT devices.  IoT connectivity will link cars, homes, cities, manufacturing and agriculture, just to name a few.  The opportunities are limitless; however, operational continuity relies upon not just low latency networking, but also the ability to coordinate devices, correlate real-time data and generate IoT analytics for fast response.  

IoT analytics and visibility will determine success

Service providers are in a unique position to lead the future of IoT.  Those who are now transforming their network infrastructure, operational models and business processes to support IoT platforms, devices and traffic, will no doubt succeed.  This involves careful examination of industry standards, technology, data center capacity, and network and infrastructure flexibility.  Including complete IoT visibility and real-time, smart data for IoT analytics as part of your IoT strategy will enable you to guarantee service and customer experience – no matter the device, service, application or network.

nGeniusONE for IoT service assurance

NETSCOUT’s nGeniusONE is an industry-leading service assurance solution that scales to keep pace with the accelerating growth and change of IoT.  nGeniusONE ensures the interoperability of IoT platforms, protocols, applications and services with real-time insight into device, network and cloud behavior.  Our service triage approach gives early warning to configuration, timing and latency issues, which translates into fewer customer complaints and faster problem solving. 

NETSCOUT’s patented Adaptive Service Intelligenceä (ASI) technology analyzes packet flow data in real-time and uses a scalable, multidimensional metadata model to produce a rich data set that represents an end-to-end view across IoT devices, networks, services and applications, no matter where they operate. Use this smart data to generate IoT analytics that deliver the deepest insights into customer experience, usage behavior, network health and IoT device performance.

NETSCOUT’s IoT Service Assurance solution:

  • Ensures delivery of a carrier-grade IoT experience
  • Provides the traffic-level detail needed to quickly identify root cause so you can focus resources where they are needed
  • Enables consistent and reliable connectivity, while ensuring true IoT visibility
  • Determines the best way to process, store and retrieve data