Maximize Test Lab Efficiency and Performance

Test labs are challenged with the ever-changing landscape of Ethernet speeds, test tools, and interface types. NETSCOUT’s HS series for test lab automation can maximize efficiency in these diverse environments by supporting Ethernet speeds up to 400G and enabling the use lower speed test tools for higher speed testing through rate conversion and aggregation.

Front of an HS-3240 device
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Reduce Lab Downtime

Automating test lab network topology changes eliminates unnecessary delays caused by broken connectors, human error, and changing priorities. 

Increase Utilization

The HS series enables far better utilization of test tools by supporting Ethernet speeds from 1G to 400G, using aggregation to utilize lower speed tools for higher speed test, and enabling sharing to lab infrastructure.

Better Testing

Test labs have unique requirements that are not well served by traditional networking infrastructure. The HS series is designed to address these requirements.

Maximize existing test tools for high-speed testing

Increase the lifespan of your test tools by using them for higher speed testing. The HS series supports seamless aggregation of lower speed tool ports for higher speed testing.

Isolated port mapping allows you to easily configure test scenarios that would otherwise require additional spending for new tool ports. Using the HS series, any lower speed tool ports can be used for higher speed testing.

HS Series Switch. Aggregation feature uses lower speed test tools for higher speed tests.
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