At NETSCOUT, we transform and accelerate the way our customers deliver, deploy, and secure services and applications across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. This is achieved using our proprietary Smart Data technology, which distills real time, precise, and relevant intelligence from all connected services and their interactions. NETSCOUT Smart Data fuels the visibility and analytics to protect and assure the user experience in our connected world.

NETSCOUT Smart Data establishes a dynamic and panoramic real-time picture of the digital connections across applications, users and services for every user. And this intelligence can drive truly effective action. Systems run more efficiently. User demands are met faster and more accurately. Threats are detected and thwarted before they cause chaos and irrefutable damage. Applications run more continuously. Businesses save money and drive growth and innovation. IT and technology teams deliver the digital experience required to excel and succeed. We all enjoy a safer, more meaningful connected world.

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