IHS Infonetics: Global Leader DDoS Prevention Appliances

Arbor Networks Secures Global Leadership Position in the Biannual IHS Infonetics Report on DDoS Prevention Appliances for the Sixth Consecutive Year


BURLINGTON, Mass., July 19, 2016 – Arbor Networks Inc., the security division of NETSCOUT (NASDAQ: NTCT), was identified once again as the top supplier of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) mitigation appliances overall, as well as in the Carrier, Enterprise and Mobile market segments, according to a new report from IHS Infonetics Research. This is the sixth consecutive year that Arbor has secured the leadership position in the report.

According to IHS Infonetics, the DDoS threat landscape continues to get more complex and the consequences more severe. The total number of attacks is growing rapidly, application-layer attacks are becoming more common, and even volumetric attacks are evolving. Volumetric attacks are bifurcating into high velocity/bandwidth attacks, and lower bandwidth attacks. This has significance for everyone, particularly large enterprises, mid-sized cloud and hosting providers and smaller telecom providers.

“The introduction of Arbor’s hybrid cloud services, fully managed services, a refreshed on-premises offering, and advanced threat detection and analytics helped it grow its overall business revenue by tapping into fast-growing markets. The transition to subscription revenue is already driving growth and recurring revenue; and the overall business remains quite strong,” said Jeff Wilson, IHS Infonetics senior research director for cybersecurity technology.

“Availability is the lifeblood of business today and our customers count on us to keep their infrastructure up and running. We take that responsibility very seriously and are committed to staying ahead of the attackers by delivering a comprehensive portfolio of DDoS products and services,” said Eric Jackson, Arbor Networks vice president of product management.

Arbor’s portfolio of DDoS protection products and services are designed to meet the multi-dimensional needs of organizations, from smaller emerging growth companies to the largest enterprise and service providers.

  • Cost-Effective Managed Services: Arbor Cloud offers fully-managed hybrid, on-premises and in-cloud DDoS protection services.
  • Deployment Flexibility: From SDN and virtual solutions to embedded security in Cisco ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Routers, high-density appliances and a global cloud.
  • Scalability: Starting at sub-100Mbps virtual solutions scaling to 160Gbps appliances to 2Tbps in the cloud.
  • Protections: From volumetric-only to application-layer and multi-vector attacks to advanced threats; continuously armed with global threat intelligences from Arbor’s Active Threat Level Analysis System (ATLAS) and Arbor’s Security Engineering & Response Team (ASERT).
  • Pricing: Managed services subscriptions, perpetual appliances and virtual license pools.

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About Arbor Networks

Arbor Networks, the security division of NETSCOUT, helps secure the world’s largest enterprise and service provider networks from DDoS attacks and advanced threats. Arbor is the world’s leading provider of DDoS protection in the enterprise, carrier and mobile market segments, according to Infonetics Research. Arbor’s advanced threat solutions deliver complete network visibility through a combination of packet capture and NetFlow technology, enabling the rapid detection and mitigation of malware and malicious insiders. Arbor also delivers market-leading analytics for dynamic incident response, historical analysis, visualization and forensics. Arbor strives to be a “force multiplier,” making network and security teams the experts. Our goal is to provide a richer picture into networks and more security context so customers can solve problems faster and reduce the risks to their business.

To learn more about Arbor products and services, please visit our website at arbornetworks.com or follow on Twitter @ArborNetworks. Arbor’s research, analysis and insight, together with data from the ATLAS global threat intelligence system, can be found at the ATLAS Threat Portal.

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