Real-Time Cloud CommunicationS Monitoring

  • One Unified Converged Network Visualization and Fault Management Solution
  • Reliable and Scalable Multi-Cloud, Multi-Vendor End-to-End Visibility

Cloud Communications Monitoring

Virtualization, availability, and resource management
Alerts, troubleshooting, and diagnostics in context of your network
Real-time service assurance and end-user performance
Analyze and correlate system behaviors and thresholds

Cloud Communications Monitoring

See The Difference? Neither Should Your Customers.

Cloud Communications Carrier-Grade VoIP Assurance

No matter the size of your business, delivering CSP-level voice quality is a top priority. Your customers have choices when it comes to cloud-based solution providers. They expect reliable and consistent tools that help them to provide excellent service to their customers. All of this depends upon your VoIP service – the heart of your business communications. Our carrier-grade VoIP assurance is a proven and reliable solution that detects VoIP quality issues before your customers do.

Our Iris Session Analyzer VoIP solution helps you to:

  •         Decrease MTTR by 60%
  •          Reduce Tier 3 escalations
  •          Bullet-proof your SLA’s
  •          Enable proactive trending to predict potential problems

Smart Data Business Intelligence for Cloud Networks

Traditional approaches to business intelligence (BI) often fail to unlock the power of data if the underlying intelligence isn't organized by systems or user groups as they correlate to your network. Other BI software solutions can be slow in delivering analytics, forcing teams to be reactive often when the user is already impacted. 

Network Traffic Monitoring

cloud communications and network virtualization

VoIP Monitoring with NETSCOUT

Monitors VoIP call and video QoS metrics, including jitter, latency, packet loss, and MOS

NETSCOUT Cloud and on-Premise VoIP Assurance Solutions

Our VoIP assurance solution allows you to spend less time and money troubleshooting common VoIP issues such as one-way audio and latency, and more time delighting your customers. We support the largest number of simultaneous RTP streams in the marketplace so we can grow with your business, now and into the future. Proactively assure the quality of your VoIP service.

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cloud communications network voice and voip performance

Video, Collaboration Apps, and Content Delivery in the Cloud

Pinpoint Issues Across Hybrid & Cloud Networks

No Matter the Size of Your Business, Delivering CSP-Level Voice Quality is a Top Priority

The nGeniusONE platform provides visibility into some of the following common causes for voice and video call quality issues:

  • Changes in QoS tags, VLAN, and negotiated CODECs on a per segment basis
  • IP network impairments such as packet loss, jitter
  • Payload metrics such as echo and speech level
  • MOS values based on IP network impairments as well as based on conversational quality

Cloud Communications Monitoring

cloud voip performance monitoring and managment

NETSCOUT for Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business

NETSCOUT for Unified Communications Monitoring and Performance Analysis

Benefits OF nGeniusONE for Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business

  • Triage Issues Quickly - Decrease MTTR for Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business services with real-time, end-to-end, and comprehensive service visualization that enables IT teams to quickly triage service issues by pinpointing the source of voice and video call quality problems.
  • Increase Reliability - Provides visibility into true user experience by measuring call quality performance due to impairments observed in the network transmission, media traffic, and call signaling.
  • Single Solution Supports Entire UC Service - Enables proactive management of Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business service quality alongside other IP Telephony services.
  • Investment Protection - Leverages the same nGeniusONE platform for simultaneous performance management of all Microsoft applications, including Lync, Skype for Business, Exchange, SharePoint and Active Directory, providing unmatched investment protection and shared data.

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Triage Issues Microsoft Lync and Skype Incidents Quickly

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