There’s little doubt that DDoS attacks continue to rise in size, frequency, and complexity. Financial institutions are primary targets and stand to lose much if their services are unavailable due to a DDoS attack. This page contains several recommended resources that explain how NETSCOUT Sightline with Sentinel and Threat Mitigation System can help large financial institutions automatically detect and intelligently orchestrate mitigation of DDoS attacks before the impact occurs.

Visit These Webpages to Learn How

Arbor Sightline with Sentinel

can automatically detect and orchestrate mitigation of DDoS attacks.

Arbor Threat Mitigation System

can surgically remove up to 400 Gbps of DDoS attack traffic.

Multinational Bank

Thwarts DDoS Attack to Repair Productivity Losses and Rescue Reputation

European Central Bank

Increases DDoS Attack Management to Mirror Internet Traffic Surge Due to Global Pandemic

Business Continuity

Business Continuity Website contains a wealth of additional information related to protecting the availability and performance of VPN gateway and other critical network infrastructure.

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