With unprecedented large-scale work-from-home policies being enforced, the VPN gateway has become a crucial, but weak link in the chain of communication from home-based users to corporate resources. Running at or near capacity, even a small DDoS attack can impact the performance or bring down a VPN gateway. This page contains a number of recommended resources that explain how NETSCOUT Arbor DDoS protection solutions can help you protect the availability of your VPN gateway from DDoS attacks and enable home-based user productivity and business continuity.

COVID-19 Related to VPN Uses Cases

Global Financial Services Leader

Maximizes Security on VPNs Used by Employees As They Work-From-Home Due to Global Pandemic

Billion-Dollar Consulting Firm

Increases DDoS Attack Management to Ensure Amplified Employee VPN Traffic Coverage Due to Coronavirus

Market Leading Global Personal Insurer

Meets Government Security Regulations Despite Increased VPN Traffic Due to Global Pandemic

Business Continuity

Business Continuity Website contains a wealth of additional information related to protecting the availability and performance of VPN gateway and other critical network infrastructure.

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