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Gain Greater Visibility into Complex Environments

Modern enterprises are grappling with a deluge of data and an increasingly fluid, complex, and evolving infrastructure. When compounded with the ongoing cloud transformation, maintaining visibility and control to prevent service disruptions and security breaches are critical.

Physical, on-premises infrastructure continues to transition toward multiple cloud domains, which also requires greater agility. We caught up with Michael Szabados, COO of NetScout to hear his thoughts on how organizations can best accomplish their data management goals to improve overall visibility.

Begin by reviewing these important perspectives.

Michael Szabados

Michael Szabados
NETSCOUT Chief Operating Officer

Michael Szabados has served as NETSCOUT’s Chief Operating Officer since April 2007, focusing on the implementation and execution of the Company’s vision and strategy. He has also served on NETSCOUT’s Board of Directors as Vice Chairman since February 2019. As COO, he has played a pivotal role in leading, integrating, and adapting NETSCOUT’S functional areas as the Company grew dramatically through organic expansion and multiple acquisitions

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