Smart Visibility for Network and Service + DDoS Protection

In case you missed it at this year’s SCTE, we’re sharing our presentation given by two of our experts: Talbot Hack, Senior Director - Product Management, Network Visibility and Praveen Chandel, Principal Solutions Architect of the CTO Office.

Learn about the application of NETSCOUT’s smart visibility to better manage the performance of your network and services including the analytics that provide business insights while protecting the network from DDoS attacks. Click below to view or download the presentation.

Smart Visibility for Network, Service & DDoS Protection
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Agenda Visibility - Core Tenets Visibility into User Experience Use Case: Service and Subscriber Availability Subscriber Availability Service Availability Use Case: Wi-Fi and CBRS Life Cycle Web/OTT Experience Video Transport Analysis Top OTT Sites by Streaming Capability Time TrueCall Coverage Maps NETSCOUT Partnership The Importance of Visibility to Network Security Key Findings from NETSOUT's latest Threat Report Global DDoS Attack Trends The Global Impact of DDoS DDoS Attack Coefficient (DAC) Top DDoS Attack Vectors North America - Statistics NETSCOUT Arbor Smart DDoS Protection Smart DDoS: Visibility & Mitigation Infrastructure Smart DDoS: Automated Multi-Vector Attack Detection Smart DDoS: Automated Mitigation & Orchestration For More Information about Arbor Smart DDoS Thank You

Cable networks have never been tested more than in the past year with dramatic changes in traffic patterns and services demanded, along with increased security attacks. Having holistic visibility to the network, service and devices is fundamental to managing this challenging environment and the continuing network evolution.

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