Need help seeking approval from your boss? Download or copy from below the manager letter and cost justification letter we've created for your convenience. Areas in bold should be edited for your purposes.

Manager Letter

Dear [Manager's First Name],

As a market leader, NETSCOUT transforms and accelerates the way companies deliver, deploy, and secure services and applications across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. It is a game changer for our own overall performance management objectives and speaks directly to our corporate strategies.

I believe attending ENGAGE 20, NETSCOUT's annual technology and user summit in April, will prove instrumental in fully realizing the value of their technology strategies within our own environment. Moreover, taking advantage of the rich array of hands-on training and lab sessions available will provide immediate ROI through both faster issue resolution and knowledge sharing across the team.

NETSCOUT executives, product management teams, engineering leaders, and product trainers will be on hand for individual one-on-one discussions and product education, providing invaluable time to get expert insights to extract even more value from our investment. This is also a great opportunity to collaborate and exchange ideas with other companies and practitioners.

Some comments from past attendees speak to the benefits they received from the event:

Overall communication of NETSCOUT direction and strategy was very important for future investments.

The networking opportunity to know NETSCOUT engineers and colleagues from other companies was the most valuable part of Engage. In second place was the big chance to get hands-on every tool/application from NETSCOUT in-depth.

Engage allowed me learn what the vision is for the company and its products. I am going to recommend and evaluate some solutions that adjust our company direction.

I believe I will come back with important insights to help shape our future strategy to share with the team. I have enclosed the justification letter with costs associated for your review.


[Your Name]

Cost Justification Letter Template

Dear [Manager’s First Name],

I would like to attend ENGAGE 20, NETSCOUT’S annual technology and user summit being held at The Diplomat Resort in Hollywood, FL.

My registration will automatically enroll me for a free conference pass to this premier training and educational summit. There are no hidden fees or additional costs for attending the technical training or hands-on lab sessions offered in this year’s agenda.

As you know, we currently leverage NETSCOUT solutions for business-critical service assurance, cybersecurity, and/or business intelligence. At ENGAGE 20, I plan to take advantage of several avenues that will yield first-hand insights and hands-on training to help us extend the value of our investment.

  • Participate in certification programs, deep-dive technical sessions, and hands-on training on topics will directly support our current project goals.
  • Custom-tailored attendance to focus on sessions that are directly applicable to my work on the [Insert Project Name Here] project.
  • Access thought leadership from up to 200 sessions and labs on topics ranging from IT transformation such as hybrid cloud, and assuring enterprise applications to cyber security, Unified Communications, mobile, Wi-Fi, VoLTE, 5G, and fixed-line networks.
  • Leverage one-on-one meetings with NETSCOUT technology experts and executives across service assurance, security, and business intelligence solutions to better understand the benefits that new product roadmaps and enhancements will bring to our organization.

The cost of sending me to ENGAGE 20 breaks down as follows:

  • Week-long conference pass: $0.00 (Free to us as a NETSCOUT customer or partner)
  • Airfare: $ [airfare to and from Hollywood, FL]
  • Hotel: $ [see website for discounted rates and hotel details]
  • Meals: $ [breakfast, lunch and snacks will be provided during the conference]

Total travel costs: $[]

Total conference costs: $0.00

I’m confident that ENGAGE 20 is an excellent investment that will yield a significant return on investment for a minimal financial outlay. If you’d like to know more about the skills and best practices I’ll learn and share with my team, visit ENGAGE 20.

Thanks for your consideration,

[Your Name]

Registration Closed Friday April 24.


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