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Digital Transformation is here.
Are you prepared?


Digital transformation is vital for organizations needing to improve operational efficiency, develop product initiatives, and expand into new markets. To succeed in today’s globally connected world, an organization’s ecosystem must be fully connected, accessible and scalable. The sooner organizations embrace digital transformation, the greater their opportunities for success.

The numbers don’t lie

Key decision-makers share their thoughts on digital transformation

expect cloud solutions, IT security, and real-time analytics will have a positive ROI
believe continuous monitoring and real-time data analysis is vital to remaining competitive
believe that their organization would go out of business within five years as a result of a digital transformation failure

Digital transformation Challenges


We asked business and IT decision-makers to share their most pressing issues relating to digital transformation. Here’s what rose to the top:

Improve IT security
Real-time analytics to assure consistent service delivery
Increased reliance on cloud solutions

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The Tenets of Transformation


Use smart data to get unprecedented insights into service performance and security.


By providing continuous monitoring and analysis of your organization’s real-time traffic data, NETSCOUT assures the availability, reliability and responsiveness of your business services independent of your IT infrastructure (virtual, physical and cloud).


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The number of business and IT decision-makers that believe smart data is essential to protect their competitive position


Translate data and analytics into actionable insights to provide huge strategic value to your enterprise.


By focusing intelligence on the customer experience, organizations can challenge established behavior and streamline operations to drive costs down and increase revenue.


Percentage of business and IT experts that claim real time data combined with analytics means better decisions (The other 50% will learn this the hard way).


Seize opportunities and respond to threats faster.


Cloud solutions provide opportunities to deliver new services with speed and agility utilizing both on prem. and cloud infrastructure as efficiently as possible.


ZK Research talks about moving to the Cloud with confidence


The percentage of business and IT decision makers that stated that the cloud is either completely essential or very important to their organization’s digital transformation strategy


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