How to Remotely Monitor your Network Edge

Acquire IT observability in the home or remote office to identify and solve user-experience problems for your remote workforce.

Watch this demo to see how NETSCOUT’s Omnis Smart Edge Monitoring can:

  • Provide user experience analysis from any location
  • Measure and analyze business transactions where they occur
  • Combine the power of nGeniusPulse and nGeniusONE
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NETSCOUT Omnis Smart Edge Monitoring brings visibility throughout your ever-evolving, multi-cloud environment to solve performance issues affecting digital services across your technology and organizational boundaries. Assure high-quality end-user experience in any network, any location, any service, for any user, regardless of where they perform their jobs.

What is the network edge?

The network edge refers to the area where a device or local network interfaces with the Internet. The edge is close to the devices it is communicating with and is the entry point to the network. The network edge is a crucial security boundary that network administrators must provide solutions for.

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