The Stakes Have Changed, Have You?

How Are You Protecting Your Business from Denial-of-Service (DDos) Attacks?

How Are You Protecting Your Business from DDos Attacks?

While you can’t stop bad actors from launching a DDoS attack, you can prevent your business from becoming a victim by anticipating what an attack may look like, and mitigating the impact.

Increasing reliance on cloud-based applications and distributed networks have dramatically broadened the attack surface, creating more risk and requiring better DDoS protection. In this eBook, Arbor provides a look at the history of DDoS attacks, what we’ve learned, and how you can implement more effective DDoS mitigation tools and best practices today.

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  • The evolution of DDoS attacks, from basic flood attacks to complex multi-vector threats.
  • Why your business has more at stake today than ever before – from customer experience to revenue loss – and why DDoS protection is so important.
  • Lessons learned and best practices for modern-day DDoS protection and DDoS solutions.

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