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The Silicon Valley is all about innovation and digital transformation

As digital leaders you can rely on Netscout to help you move to the cloud with confidence by ensuring the availability, reliability, responsiveness, and security of the services you deliver, before, during, and after cloud migrations:

  • Ranked number seven on Forbes Annual Fast Tech 25 list of fastest growing and most powerful public technology business.
  • Listed as one of the Top 10 most powerful companies in enterprise networking by Network World.

We have grown here with you:

  • 25 years in Silicon Valley
  • 250+ local employees
  • Community Support via our “Heart of Giving” Program and local organizations including Fresh Lifelines for Youth, Habitat for Humanity

Your NETSCOUT Team in Silicon Valley

Rob Kawamoto
Rob Kawamoto

Account Manager
[email protected]

Todd Davis
Todd Davis

Senior Sales Engineer
[email protected]

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