Case Study

Smart City Assures Leading-Edge 3-1-1 Services with NETSCOUT

Smart City Assures Leading-Edge 3-1-1 Services with NETSCOUT


Business Challenge
  • City IT team prioritizes pubic engagement with focus on improving 3-1-1 services for residents
  • Strategic Plan targets 3-1-1 Call Center improvement metrics and increased use of “smart” platforms to handle non-emergency service requests for City services
  • Any 3-1-1 Web portal, mobile application, or Call Center performance issue impacts residents and impairs high-standing City 3-1-1 service profile
  • nGeniusONE® Service Assurance platform
  • InfiniStreamNGTM appliance with Adaptive Service Intelligence™ Plus (ASI+) technology
  • NETSCOUT® Delivery Services
Business Value
  • Increased Web-based and mobile 3-1-1 utilization supports IT’s Strategic Plan goal for directly improving public welfare
  • City services are delivered more efficiently across a wider geographic expanse, benefiting higher numbers of City users

Customer Profile

This U.S. City is a regional high-tech hub, with millions of residents deployed in diverse business segments. In supporting that population, the City employs an experienced Information Technology (IT) organization staffed with 450 professionals, segmented into more than 15 business divisions, overseeing delivery of more than 350 technology services.

The IT organization has adopted leading commercial practices to assure service quality, including the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standard and Agile Software Development methodology, as well as process management guidelines that include Project Management Institute (PMI) and Lean Six Sigma principles.

The IT team executes initiatives using a multi-year Strategic Plan to deliver world-class applications and services to residents, as well as government departments. They are also responsible for the City’s open government initiative focused on transforming the manner in which City personnel responds to non-emergency service requests for its digitally conversant residents and visitors.

As a result of these collective IT initiatives, the City has enjoyed widespread media coverage for instituting a model “Smart City” program that embraces digital transformation in a manner benefiting both internal IT operations and residential outreach.

Business Challenge

The IT department oversees the 3-1-1 Call Center operations for the City’s non-emergency services, including processing residential service requests for such situations as street repairs, graffiti removal, illegal vending, or large bulk-item pick-up.

The IT team’s annually published Strategic Plan provides multi-year quality metrics regarding 3-1-1 Call Center program goals for reducing call waiting times and minimizing dropped call instances.

In addition to improving Call Center quality, the City‘s Mayor has empowered the IT department to help transform the number of digital platforms available for 3-1-1 citizen outreach. As a result, the City is updating its 3-1-1 platform to better leverage Web-based and mobile requests from residents. In providing wide-ranging support, the City’s 3-1-1 website uses form-based request templates to enable residents to issue support requests relating to non-emergency service issues.


As a long-time NETSCOUT customer, the City IT team benefits from a large-scale nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform deployment featuring InfiniStream packet capture analysis leveraging NETSCOUT’s patented Adaptive Service Intelligence™ (ASI) technology. This NETSCOUT solution analyzes the 3-1-1 network traffic in real-time and generates highly scalable metadata that enables a comprehensive view of service, network, application, and server performance across the City’s multi-tier, multi-domain service delivery environment.

For the 3-1-1 service, the IT team also deployed NETSCOUT TAPs to gain full and transparent visibility to network links and eliminate the risk of introducing a point of failure when accessing network traffic.

NETSCOUT Solution in Action

The IT team uses the nGeniusONE and InfiniStreamNG with ASI+ platform to proactively monitor City 3-1-1 services delivered from the Call Center and over the Web portal and mobile platforms. With issues identified and rectified with the use of the NETSCOUT solution, the Call Center voice system experienced reduced 3-1-1 wait times for citizens, while also decreasing instances of dropped calls.

Using the NETSCOUT solution, the IT department also monitors, tracks, and trends 3-1-1 Web portal utilization and performance. The InfiniStreamNG with ASI+ technology provides views into service performance at different tiers of the infrastructure.

The City is also introducing the use of Google email to support 3-1-1 service requests. Leveraging the nGeniusONE platform, they will be able to migrate to this service with confidence, assuring that current email support, as well as Google email, will operate as expected before, during, and after transition.

Business Value

The City’s expanded 3-1-1 services exemplify how Smart City IT Projects can be used to leverage business intelligence and analytics to provide real-world quality of life improvements to area residents. The nGeniusONE solution is providing service assurance to maintain high quality of the delivery of these 3-1-1 services. This is essential in helping the City capitalize on their modern image and reputation for adopting and adapting to digital transformation in the age of Internet of Things. The City is more efficient, and citizens are better served.

Thanks to nGeniusONE and associated technical improvements and improved system standing, City residents now use the 3-1-1 Web portal and mobile applications to initiate 20 percent of overall “clean-up” service requests, a significant increase over earlier 3 percent Web/mobile service initiation rates.