Case Study

SaaS Provider Protects End-User Experience with Visibility

SaaS Provider Protects End-User Experience with Visibility


The Challenge
  • Goal to deliver highest-quality SaaS collaboration services to customers and partners
  • Needed visibility to assure customer experience was high
The Solution
  • nGeniusONE® Service Assurance Global Manager & application
  • InfiniStreamNG™ on COTS qualified appliances
The Results
  • Achieving visibility that offers confidence in the network and application performance quality delivered to their end-users
  • Single interface to monitor voice, video, and data applications across hybrid cloud

Customer Profile

This Fortune 500 technology manufacturer and services provider has been at the forefront of many digital transformations for the last 30 years. With billions of dollars in global revenue and thousands of employees in virtually every corner of the world, they are helping people collaborate and communicate regardless of physical proximity. This computing and electronics manufacturer is a leader in data center and networking technology to support its internal and customer facing services particularly for their Software-as-a-Service application that is popular for conference calls and meetings. Ensuring quality end-user performance for these services is a top priority for the IT team at the company.

The Challenge

The company is a long-term NETSCOUT® customer, using service assurance technologies for their private data centers supporting internal employees and services, such as customer resource management, manufacturing, and email.

Some challenging, intermittent issues had begun to impact their SaaS collaboration services, and the company wanted to ensure these were addressed in their earliest stages of development to assure their customers received the same flawless, high-quality experience they had come to enjoy from this popular provider. These challenges were further complicated by the very nature of the service – at times, there could be hundreds of thousands of simultaneous call volumes; 40 GB high- speed links; a variety of different voice, video and data applications; and the need to monitor and analyze not just the call set-up protocols, but also the media traffic and call quality metrics.

Solution in Action

This is an IT team with clear direction and a wealth of experience in the choices available to them for monitoring and analyzing the customer-facing SaaS offering. Following in-depth reviews, the IT team selected NETSCOUT with the nGeniusONE Service Assurance solution and InfiniStreamNG (ISNG) software on qualified COTS appliances for the 40 GB high-speed data center links running high volumes of simultaneous call traffic. Critical to the success of the visibility and service assurance goals is broad deployment across several global data centers combined with NETSCOUT’s scalability. Analyses across multiple nGeniusONE application servers are combined for “single pane of glass” views and rollups via the nGeniusONE Global Manager, which was essential for understanding the potentially multiple communities impacted by performance issues or availability disruptions.

Perhaps most valuable is the team’s ability to monitor and analyze the voice, video, and data application services that make up the conferencing and collaboration services used by their customers and partners. The team is monitoring the wire-traffic and leveraging Adaptive Service Intelligence™ (ASI) technology for smart data from ISNG to reveal in nGeniusONE essential details encompassing performance and error information on call set up protocols such as SIP, media traffic including RTP, and quality metrics like latency, packet loss and MOS. This is providing the network team a single-pane nGeniusONE view smart analytics and metrics that reflects key performance indicators for application activity and performance across their global data centers to assure quality delivery of collaboration services to paying customers.

The Results

The IT team had a clear focus for this project – to gain the visibility and analysis necessary to ensure the quality customer experience they are passionate about delivering to their customers and partners. Period! To that end, the selection of NETSCOUT’s nGeniusONE and InfiniStreamNG qualified COTS appliances is helping to provide that visibility and monitoring analysis to stay ahead of emerging issues and to reduce the time (MTTR) to troubleshoot disruptions as they occur.

As long-term nGeniusONE adopters, the IT team has benefited from stronger collaboration between all members, regardless of data center or SaaS responsibilities. Now the organization is extending the value of their investments in the nGeniusONE solution and their experience, as they add visibility to the SaaS environment.

The company is also reaping benefits from lower capex and opex costs, as there are fewer devices to maintain for more comprehensive, scalable analysis and fewer vendors and maintenance contracts to manage, now that their visibility for voice, video and data services, in the private cloud through to their SaaS offerings, are all provided by NETSCOUT.