Case Study

Healthcare BPO Data Center Improves Service Delivery with NETSCOUT Smart Visibility

Healthcare BPO Data Center Improves Service Delivery with NETSCOUT Smart Visibility


The Challenge
  • Data center operations teams experiencing network and virtual environment gaps due to legacy aggregation switch shortcomings
  • IT guidelines for reduced tool complexity, vendors under management
  • Organization focused on reducing CAPEX, OPEX
The Solution
  • nGenius® 5010 packet flow switch appliances
  • nGenius Packet Flow Switch Fabric Manager
The Results
  • Improved business service delivery to healthcare customers
  • Eliminated network, virtual data center visibility issues
  • Vendor tool consolidation with sole-source service assurance and aggregation switch solution

Customer Profile

This global business process outsourcer (BPO) provides diverse technology delivery services, including a healthcare solution portfolio that provides consulting, back-end processing, and infrastructure solutions to customers. Their healthcare customers depend on the BPO to help improve the quality and content of the services and solutions they provide to their own subscribers, including quality of care and enhanced patient experience.

With the BPO taking care of back-end technology and consulting services, their healthcare customers can increase the delivery speed of services they provide, while focusing on driving the types of administrative efficiencies that also lead to reduced operating expenses (OPEX).

The BPO’s healthcare business unit is part of a vast customer solutions portfolio focused on delivering next-generation technology and consulting services provided across vast industry sectors. One particular focus is on in helping customers cost-effectively migrate their business services to cloud-based platforms.

As a result of this multi-faceted industry sector strategy, it’s easy to see how resultant year-over-year revenue growth has helped the BPO continually increase its standing in Fortune 500 rankings.

The Challenge

The company’s focus on maintaining a leading marketplace position means information technology (IT) leadership is laser-focused on continually evaluating internal and external business delivery capabilities and expenses, while exploring innovative options to reduce technology complexity. As part of that effort, two years ago, the BPO had established a new U.S. data center and commenced migrating existing customer services and establishing new client delivery platforms at this facility.

As part of their toolset to help ensure successful establishment and operation of this data center, the BPO made the decision to employ a proactive monitoring approach that featured the NETSCOUT® nGeniusONE® Service Assurance platform and InfiniStream® appliances with patented Adaptive Service Intelligence™ (ASI) technology. The BPO is assuring the back-end business process services provided to healthcare customers are successfully being delivered from the data center, using nGeniusONE always-on monitoring to deliver valuable macro-level insights into the status and performance of data center services, application components, individual hosts, or groups of clients or servers.

At the same, the IT resources tasked with managing customer-facing virtual and network services delivery to customers were reporting visibility limitations associated with the installed aggregation switch and network taps. Specifically, IT teams were having issues assuring virtual and network technology performance due to their inability to see any packet traffic flowing from the aggregation switches from network taps, which were also supplied by a legacy vendor. For an IT organization focused on continually reducing complexity, the aggregation switch technology and network taps performance issues had become problematic.

This aggregation switch solution had also garnered the attention of the internal business team focused on managing operating expenses (OPEX), as recurring maintenance charges were perceived as exorbitant, especially given the virtual and network visibility shortcomings the IT teams had been experiencing.

Solution in Action

After researching solutions to this issue and carefully reviewing alternatives, the BPO selected the nGenius 5010 packet flow switch from their trusted business partner, NETSCOUT.

The company is streamlining its monitoring architecture and reducing security risks by implementing the NETSCOUT nGenius packet flow switch solution to replace their under-performing aggregation switch and network tap technology.

The IT team installed nGenius 5010 packet flow switch appliances in their data center, also deploying the nGenius Packet Flow Switch Fabric Manager to provide visibility into aggregation switch performance they had been lacking. The nGenius 5010 packet flow switch supports core network packet broker features, includes filtering, load balancing, replication, and aggregation. The packet flow switch architecture enables strategic access to network traffic that scales and operates dynamically, enabling pervasive visibility as the traffic is passed to the existing InfiniStream appliances. Leveraging NETSCOUT’s ASI technology, these InfiniStreams, in turn, generate smart data used to fuel nGeniusONE performance analytics for network, voice, and applications.

The nGenius Packet Flow Switch Fabric Manager provides a central management that enables BPO administrators to easily configure, deploy, and troubleshoot the nGenius 5010 packet flow switches. This aggregation switch management platform provides an intuitive drag-and-drop configuration with powerful, but simple-to-use workflows that cover the three major areas, or lifecycles, of a packet flow switch system: configuration, deployment, and monitoring.

The Results

As the BPO had tried to circumvent their issues with the legacy packet aggregation technology, several of their healthcare customers asked them to take a look at the NETSCOUT packet flow switch solution. By moving to the nGenius 5010 packet flow switch solution, the company now benefits from complete end-to-end monitoring and analysis capabilities, with NETSCOUT’s smart visibility approach incorporating nGeniusONE and packet flow switch technologies to deliver a true “tap-to-tool” solution.

Data center operations resources also benefit from a more robust aggregation switch management capabilities, with the nGenius Packet Flow Switch Fabric Manager capable of acting as a backup system, allowing company operators to configure packet flow switch appliances, regardless of Fabric Manager status.

The BPO also benefits from NETSCOUT’s simplified licensing model, which enabled the new packet flow switch solution to be deployed and supported at the same bottom line that had formerly been set aside for annual maintenance of the previous aggregation switch. For BPO resources focused on managing operating expenses, reducing tool complexity, and limiting the number of vendors under management, that was a big win.