Case Study

Global Equipment Manufacturer Improves End-User Experience with Proactive Application Management

Global Equipment Manufacturer Improves End-User Experience with Proactive Application Management


The Challenge
  • Lacked a proactive solution for both detection and troubleshooting
  • Previously limited to reactive troubleshooting in only part of the infrastructure
  • Required robust application visibility for on premise and hybrid-cloud applications
  • Needed scalable solution to meet volume requirements of expansive infrastructure
The Solution
  • nGeniusONE® Service Assurance platform
  • InfiniStreamNG™ appliances
  • nGenius® for Flows
  • nGenius UC Collector
The Results
  • Improved end-user experience in business services including voice
  • Increased IT productivity with reduced time spent reacting to problems leaving more time for mission critical projects
  • Reduced MTTR with proactive problem detection and enhanced troubleshooting
  • Enhanced decision making by providing the capability and capacity to gather and retain information necessary for long-term analysis

Customer Profile

This global equipment manufacturer, based in the U.S., builds agricultural, construction, and forestry equipment in more than 100 facilities spread across 30 countries. The business is committed to achieving the efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction required to grow their $60 billion plus annual revenue. The company is also dedicated to helping the communities it serves through the creation of solutions for world hunger, programs that educate and inspire youth to reach their full potential, and efforts to preserve the environment.

The Challenge

For this global agricultural, construction and forestry equipment manufacturer, ensuring flawless access to its network and applications, as well as communication systems, was of vital importance to the successful operation of day-to-day business. The IT team faced the considerable challenge of minimizing any negative end-user impact from disruptions or slow-downs. The company’s existing monitoring solution was simply insufficient, as it was only capable of reactively troubleshooting TCP traffic and offered limited DNS support and insufficient packet capture capacity.

It had become clear to the IT team that they needed to replace their reactive troubleshooting platform with a proactive solution that could provide both detection and troubleshooting, so the team could fix problems before they impacted end-users. A solution was required that would offer robust application visibility with large packet storage and retrieval ability for data analysis of vital ecosystems. In particular, IT needed application analysis on UDP traffic, as well as Layer-2 analysis. A new solution would have to include an end-user view and performance metrics for on premise and hybrid cloud applications, such as the company’s new Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) deployment – a combination of Cisco voice and Microsoft Skype for Business technology. In addition, IT needed a highly scalable solution to meet the volume requirements of their expansive infrastructure, one that would provide simple workflows in a single product.

Solution in Action

The manufacturer’s IT team turned to NETSCOUT to provide the visibility required to ensure availability and performance of critical services. The nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform and InfiniStreamNG solution with patented Adaptive Service Intelligence™ (ASI) technology transforms monitored wire data into Smart Data for proactive detection and troubleshooting. The manufacturer is leveraging the full NETSCOUT® solution to meet their aggressive service assurance goals. nGenius for Flows is being used to gather flow data for analysis within nGeniusONE alongside the wire traffic data for more extensive, ecosystem health status. nGenius UC Collector is being employed to collect UC&C traffic, which is analyzed in nGeniusONE. The Service Dashboard provides customized views for each department, providing proactive monitoring of their services and quick troubleshooting through intuitive drilldowns and workflows. The performance capacity of the InfiniStreamNG appliances and the overall storage capacity of the NETSCOUT solution were significant differentiators for this manufacturer.

Within the first early days of deployment, the IT team saw the value of this new solution. The nGeniusONE solution identified:

  • QoS mismatches and packet loss for voice and video services
  • Database slowdowns, then pinpointed the problem to one particular server in the data center with high time-outs
  • An application server that was showing spikes in average response time from a normal 50 milliseconds to over 1200 milliseconds
  • A Radius authentication server with continuous access reject errors for a particular client

Resolving all these issues with precise details from the nGeniusONE platform immediately demonstrated its value to the IT staff.

The Results

The NETSCOUT solution has literally been transformative for this global equipment manufacturer. Once in place, the solution allowed IT to immediately detect, triage, and solve issues never uncovered by the prior monitoring solution. This is helping IT reduce the time to resolve issues, proactively get ahead of issues, and reduce the impact of degradations and disruptions on employees and customers. This is compelling for both the business bottom line and for customer experience.

As a result, IT is now enabled to proactively monitor and troubleshoot application performance in order to ensure the availability of all critical applications and supporting infrastructure. End-users can now count on flawless access to the company’s network, applications, and communication systems – which are vitally important to successful business operations.

In addition, NETSCOUT has enabled IT to gain the capability and capacity to gather and retain information necessary for long-term analysis required by upper management. Now senior leaders are armed with the insights they need to make the best decisions for the business.